7 Reasons Why Adults are Better than Kids

June is the month when high schools and colleges celebrate and honor  all whom have earned degrees in their fields of study. Although these commencement events create a surreal and cherished feeling towards young adults it is also a huge wake-up call.

Recently I heard people in their early 20s talk about how it’s Imagehard to get a job, move out, pay bills all on their own. One girl in particular said, “I hate growing up…I wish I was a kid again.” To this I thought yeah everyone wishes he/she was a kid again, but I think being an adult is better. 

Here are seven reasons why being an adult is better than being a kid.

   7. You can buy whatever you want whenever you want it.

Think back to your childhood, you probably didn’t have a job or money of your own. Who bought you clothes, food, toys your mother and father. Yeah, you didn’t think anything of it, because you were getting stuff for free, but once you became a teenager your parents told you to go out a find a job. And when you finally got a job (whatever it was, you felt important, worth meaning etc.) 

   6. You can drive/ go places.

When you were growing up did you own or drive a car? No, your mother or father drove you places. Your parents drove you places, or had other parents drive you and your friends places because 1. you weren’t of age. 2. you didn’t know how to drive. Now I know a lot of adults who do not own or drive a car, but they pay for transportation. When your an adult your parents don’t want to do favors for you, they did enough as is.

  5. You learn more, become more mature.

Imagine if kids grew to an adult, but had the mind of a kid. Everyone wouldn’t take their job seriously; nothing would get done. When you went away to college, you left behind your family and of course your childhood, but you gained knowledge. You learned how to think on your own, thanks to the professors. I think college is when you learn what you really want to do, what you are going to need in order to get a job/career, and how to imply what you have learned when you enter the real world. Maturity is when one spots depend on another and starts becoming more independent with themselves. It varies with age, not all men and women mature at the same age. 

  4.You learn how to make friends and meet people.

When you were a child you may have been shy when you met other children. I remember my first day at my new school; I didn’t know anyone, and I sat at my desk quite as the night sky. The teachers/ads had to introduce me to the other boys and girls. Now whenever I go to parties, school, or events I always introduce myself to people I don’t know. Why? Because I broke out of mu shy self and learned how to talk to people. 

  3. Not caring/getting upset about what people think.

As a I always wanted people to like me, and I got upset when people didn’t. I think the older you get the less you care about being liked. For an example, when you were a kid, and let’s say another kid told you they don’t like your outfit, or your hair, or whatever you probably got mad or upset, and thought negative things about yourself. When you get older you start to like the qualities that you have, and you think less and less about what other people think. 

 2. You respect your parents and grandparents

Kids think only about themselves. They are very egocentric. And yeah there are adults who think only about themselves  also, but not a lot of people want to be their friends. Kids and teens usually don’t respect or appreciate what their parents do for them; but that is human nature. When kids and teens become adults and parents of their own they realize how much work and effort their parents did for them. 

 1. You can legally drink alcoholic beverages.

Remember when you had to sneak into a night club, or show the bartender your fake ID? well if you are 21 or older you don’t have to! I remember going to house parties only because there was free drinks. Now (at 22) I can pay my own. 

There you have it seven great reasons why adults are better than kids. Sorry kids, you just have to wait until you are old enough to do these great things.



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