The Worst Ways to Break-up

So I was in a CVS when I came across a funny and upsetting card… it was a “break-up card.” This got me thinking, is this the worst way to break-up with someone? Or are there other worst ways to be dumped? Here are a few…

1. Email: No one says “we are through” better than AOL, Gmail, or Yahoo. If you are thinking about ending your relationship via email then you have serious communication issues. Emails are for business work, verifying your bank account balance, and social media notifications; not for crying, eating ice cream, and hating the opposite sex for the rest of your life. Text messages fall under this category also.

2. Over the Phone: Another break-up that lacks communication. Over the phone break-ups have bad outcomes because the person who gets their heart broken 9/10 times cries, says “No! Or Why,” and begs their partner to take them back. The other person does two things: they get upset and try calming their upset partner down, or they hang up. What can be worse than telling the person through the phone “it’s over”, hearing the break-up on your voice mail. That is just wrong! Whatever he or she does, in the end your ex will label you as an idiot. 

3. Sending a card or gift in the mail: Almost like the alerts through email and text, sending a card or a “good-bye” gift means this is the last thing I will give you in remembrance of me. Oh and if he or she hires someone to sing you the bad news at your doorstep that is even worse. 

4. Having someone deliver the bad news: Hearing people gossip about a couples breakup is entertaining for some, but when the tables are turned, no one wants to hear other people talk about details of their break-up. But the ultimate worst is when you don’t know your partner have already ended it on Facebook. And your friends say, “I am so sorry about the relationship,” and you say, “What!”

There is no right way to end a relationship, but there are ways to break up civilly. The best advice I could give is talk to him or her, speak to them face to face, and  state why you don’t feel good in the relationship. Image



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