6 Childhood Summer Memories

As a kid, I remember summer vacation was looked-upon as freedom from school, homework, the dreadful winters. Summer, back when I was a younger, seemed longer, maybe because I didn’t work all year round. Anyway, here are some summer memories that are still crystal clear in my mind.

1. Slip N’ Slide 

One summer my parents bought a Slip N’ Slide for my brother and I.For those who do not know what a Slip N’ Slide is let me explain: it’s a  long, narrow plastic water slide, but without any hills or loops.There is only one sheet that goes outdoors and you have to plug it into your watering hose. Once it is set up and the water starts to flow, you can “slip and slide” all around it. I have so much fun with that “water slide.” My birthday is at the end of the summer, however, I used the Slip N’ Slide as a game at my party. That was one of the greatest gifts my parents got for me. 

2. I had a pool

After having a  Slip N’ Slide my parents got an above-ground pool. I was still in grade school  at the time; and before we got this pool I would go over my friends’ houses and go into their pools. It was fun, but it was even more fun once we got our own. I remember jumping in one hot July days and imagining I was Ariel from “The Little Mermaid.” When I had my friends come over we would play pool games i.e. Marco Polo, pool volleyball, and who could make the biggest whirl-pool. It was great having a pool, until it wasn’t; every summer the pool would have a tare in it, and my dad would have to take care of it. After 5 or 6 years or owning a pool we took it down.

3. Vacations were awesome  

The earliest vacation I remember would be Ocean City, Maryland. I was five and so excited to go on vacation. The drive was really long and really boring, but when we got there it was great! I remember going to the beach and pool every day and then going to the amusement park at night. We still go to Ocean City, MD til this day. Also I remember my grandpa had a summer house in New Jersey, right by Brady Beach. I was really young when me family first started going there, but there are a few members I still have about that place. One in particular is going to the amusement park and right roller coasters and playing the games. 

4. 4th of July 

When I was a kid I hated hearing the fireworks go off. They were so long, and I use to be scared of the noises. The funny thing is I liked the way they looked all colorful and bright; now I don’t really mind the sounds they make. When I was a kid I liked and still like going to a park or beach and playing activities with my brother and or friends before the fireworks started. 

5. Going to public swimming pools

I remember going to Sprain Pool with my mom and my friends. At this pool there are two pools and a sprinkler section, the sprinkler section was for babies and toddlers, but me and my friends use to run though them anyways. The two pools were across from each other. One was the size of an Olympic-size pool that had two diving boards, three lap-lanes, and two sections that were five-feet deep.

When I was a kid I would stay away form that pool because I couldn’t swim in five-feet of water. I would go to the other pool that was “kid-friendly.” It had a slide that went into three-feet of water and on the slide it read “PARKS” this is because Sprain was a County Park. So I would swim and play in that pool. 

6. I learned how to swim

I was about 8-year-old when I learned how to swim. I took lessons at, where else but Sprain Pool. The hardest part about learning to swim was going to the Olympic-size pool getting on  the diving board and diving off it. I was so nervous. However, I got up there and the lifeguard told me what to do. “Put your arms together, tuck your head into your chest, and learn forward.” I did everything the lifeguard said and drove into the 13-feet of water. Immediately I swam to the top and swam to the latter. I was so proud of conquering my fear that I went again. Image


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