The Pros and Cons of Dating Online

Dating online has become the new way for people to meet and go on dates. Online dating websites were created in the early 2000s. It wasn’t until 2007 when online dating increased by the millions.  However, what are some benefits and disadvantages when a person goes on a dating website? 

  • You have to subscribe and pay

A lot of dating websites make their members pay in order to enter another level or the member can get an upgrade to see their matches pictures., e Harmony and other dating websites suggest at first to make a payment to their site. In e Harmony once you and your match chat the website recommends you to pay in order to send emails to one another. This come be annoying to the member because maybe they don’t want to pay right away, or they flat-out can’t afford it. 

  • The website gives you matches relatively quickly

The upside to dating online is the process of finding a person of interest is very fast. And the website give you an estimate of 5-6 matches when you first join. Out of those matches there are a few that you maybe interested in. So dating online is much faster than dating face to face. 

  • Always read the matches’ descriptions 

Dating online is one big blind date. You don’t know how you are talking to. Always read what they have written down on their profile. If their profile seems legit than go and engage in conversation. However, if their profile doesn’t have any photos of themselves or what they have written seems fake don’t waste your time. 

  • When going on a “real date” make it a group date

Do not and I repeat do not go on a date alone with someone you met online. There are too many crazy people in the world already; don’t get caught up with one all by yourself. When scheduling a date with someone you met online tell him/her the date will be a group date. Tell them to bring a friend alone so that they don’t feel intimidated with people he/she doesn’t know. Also this is a good way for you and them to meet other people and become friends.

  • Never give your number out or personal information 

When talking to a person online, never give him or her your email address, phone number, or any detailed information about where you live. For instants, if you say “I live in New York” that is fine or “I live in so-and-so County” that is fine also. But do not give out your cell number, or social media network information (they could easily locate where you live.) 

  • Online Dating could/can lead to dating in real life

As crazy as it sounds if you meet someone online you can easily meet them in person. I have experimented with online dating before and I created a relationship with someone I met online. Now it doesn’t always result in a long-term relationship or marriage, but I tried it and I found out that I do in fact like dating online.

If you want to date online just remember these tips and enjoy finding your “soul mate.”


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