10 Personalities of Men I Have Dated

I have dated a lot of guys in my life. Some guys became my partner and we created relationships together, others never got very far with me. Nevertheless,I do remember ten emotions and personal traits from men whom I dated in the past. You might be asking why am I blogging about my past dating life? I am dating someone who I think is different from my past partners. I want to make sure that I am not going back to my former relationships.


I dated this one guy who was a little bit feminine. When I say this I mean he would put this hand over this chest/heart when I would say thoughtful ideals. He also liked to pose when I would take a picture of him. 


Another guy I dated was way to aggressive for me. He would play video games all the time, like all the time. The guy also had several real swords in his room. When we were out in public he would always grab and slap my ass. I don’t mind if he would do that in the bedroom, but not in public. 


I went on three dates with this guy. That’s how bad this guy was. I knew him through other friends; at first I wasn’t interested because A. he was not my type B. he was going out with other girl (who became my friend.) Then I went to see him one day and he told me all the bad that was in his “relationship” with the girl. He came on to me because he was done being with his girlfriend; he wanted to be with me.  He would say stuff that was borderline stupid. I had to break it off for the sake of my friendship with the girl and my sanity.


When I was 18 I dated this guy who was definitely out of my league. He was in a band had a few friends, but was extremely nerdy. Didn’t do any sports, couldn’t dance, had very little skills of impressing girls. Now this was my first “boyfriend” in high school, it was close to prom, so I asked him to my prom he of course says “Yes!” He told me before all this happened he was a good dancer, so I believed him. We are at prom and the dance music is playing, we go on the dance floor and he is gyrating and waving his arms every where. So humiliating.

The Sports Fan

Now I like sports: volleyball, tennis, the Olympics games etc. However, when the guy only communicates around sports I lose interest. I have had some incidents where I would ask any question sports related or not and the guy would navigate the question to a sports related conversation. The guy was out of my league and out of my ballpark. 

No Confidence

 I was kissing a guy one time and he told me mid-kiss “I am not good enough…” Not good enough for me, well probably. I hate guys who have no confidence, that is the worst. The dude also had me fishing him complements. Such as he would say “You are very pretty,” to me and then raise his eyebrows and look at me like, aren’t you going to complement me?


I met this guy for one date, we went down to the city. We spoke…let me rephrase that I spoke to him the whole way down to the city. He would answer my questions, but he didn’t ask me any. I don’t mind if a guy is shy, but after a while open up to me.

The guy who doesn’t call

I went on another one date thing with this guy. After that I didn’t hear from him, so I called. We talked for a little while and then I never heard from him again. I don’t know why, but he hasn’t called since. But I don’t care any more because he probably wasn’t for me.

The desperate guy

There was one time where I told a guy I wasn’t interested. He then said, “Do you want to be ‘friends with benefits.” Another guy still texts me even when I told him I am seeing someone else. Desperate girls are bad, desperate guys are worse. 

A guy with all these traits

Luckily I have not dated a guy with all of these emotions, personalities, and traits. If I ever encounter a person with all ten items I will run for the hills.

Tell me about your worst boy friend/ girl friend, or a worst date you had?  



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