10 activities to do before school starts

Some of these activities I have completed, and others I still should or have to do. A few of these things are in the BuzzFeed video  “Things to do before summer ends.” 

  • Take a day trip

Whether the trip is to a local park where you can camp, or a getaway to the coastal beaches: it still counts as a trip.

  • Go on vacation  

Late July to early August is the best time for a vacation with the kids. My family came back from Ocean City, MD yesterday. For 5-whole-days we had a blast!  

  • Go to local beaches and pools

In August the crowds start to die down because A. People are going away. B. College students are getting ready to go back to college. Long Island is where I go to catch waves and tan. 🙂

  • Go see a summer blockbuster

Movies in July and August tend to be more talked about and viewed than other movie during the year. Such movies like: The WolverineThe Conjuring, Pacific Rim, World War Z and much more future summer movies. 

  • Go to a carnival before they close

Carnivals and amusement parks are the ideal summer rides. No matter where you go: Six Flags Great Adventures, Hershey Park, Pennsylvania, or to a local carnival near you, always go on as much rides as possible. 

  • Go to a sporting event 

I do believe baseball is in season at this time, but there are more sports you can play during this summer. Such as: beach volleyball, tennis, golf, etc. You don’t have to be an athlete to play athletic sports.

  • Make some money before school 

I use to work at local public pools for 5 years during the past summers. I was a cashier for two or the five years. It’s good to make some extra cash before the summer ends because once school starts students have to buy their books, their supplies, and pay their tuition (if you are a college student.) 

  • Go to a concert (indie band or well-known)

Summer concerts are the best. Everyone is dancing, singing, drinking, doing crazy-cool stunts. I do prefer going to a concert where you know the musicians, but concerts where there are new bands playing are just as fun. 

  • Make new friends, or a summer fling

Meeting new people during the summer is so exciting and fun. I have made so many friends in the past couple summers, and we still keep in touch. As far as summer flings go, this is my first. 

  • Get Registered for class & pay the tuition 

I know, I know school is right around the corner and you forgot all about registration. Well hear is the notification to warn you school is starting soon whether you like it or not.

But don’t worry there is still time to complete all these activities before then.  



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