3 Ways “The Maze Runner” & “Hunger Games” are Similar

I just started reading a series of books known as “The Maze Runner books.” There are four books in which tells the story of a teenage boy named Thomas and his journey through a post-apocalyptic world. He is sent to this place, by the government called “The Glade”, where he meets other teenage boys and later on a teenage girl. 

His survival instincts occur when he has to save his friends, himself, and civilization from becoming extincted.

The Maze Runner and Hunger Games books are similar by the plot because both deal with Darwin’s’ Theory: survival of the fittest, both books have teenagers who are main characters (Thomas vs. Katniss,) both books explain why these characters have to fight either to the death because their hierarchy demands it.


1. Survival: Thomas and Katniss both have to survive throughout the books

  • Thomas starts by being brought to the Glade not knowing what is happening in the world. Thomas survival plan is to defeat the monsters known as Grievers, and try to escape the Glade. Katniss volunteers to go into The Hunger Games when her sister’s name is called. She survives by using weapons and joining forces with her district partner Peta. 



2. Teenagers in love: Thomas and Katniss are close in age

  • In both of these books Thomas and Katniss share the same age and they both have love troubles. Thomas met Theresa in the Glade, while Katniss and Peta were the two teenagers from District Twelve who fought in the Hunger Games. I guess the only difference is Katniss is in a love triangle with Peta and Dale. Thomas just has Theresa…for now.


3. The Government: Thomas and Katniss hate their Government

  • The Government in both books is the pits! The government aka WICKED created the glade to save as many teens a possible from the apocalyptic world. The only catch is WICKED wants the Gladers to go through traumatic experiences in other to survive. Katniss hates the Capitol for creating the Hunger Games

The Next Hunger Games movie will come out this fall. The Maze Runner is going to become a movie also, but the release date is sometime next winter.


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