10 Amazing Movies I’ve Watched in my Life

10. Yesterday I went to the movies. My mother and I heard through social media that Lee Daniel’s The Butler has been receiving good reviews since it opened last Friday. And boy does it deliver all those reviews. Based on the life of Cecile Gains, a butler who worked at the White House during the ’60s and ’70s, and who witnessed the Civil Rights Movement through the eyes of former Presidents and also through his family’s struggles. Since opening last week the movie has grossed approx. $25 Million, making it the number one movie this week.http://www.boxofficemojo.com/weekend/chart/

Here are some other movies that I enjoyed as a child and an adult.

9. Argo 

The tension this movie has on the audience is almost unbearable. This was based on a true story: in 1979 the United States Embassy was invaded by the Iranian activists. About 50 people were taken hostage, but six U.S. Ambassadors escaped and now were in hiding. Tony Mendez, a CIA specialist is trying to come up with an idea to save these six Americans. Finally, he comes up with an idea to create a fake movie that would help rescue them. The movie’s called: Argo.


8. The Iron Giant 

I am going to back in time a.k.a the ’90s. I was only a little kid at the time, but when I saw The Iron Giant 1. I cried at the ending scene and 2. I learned to expect everybody for who they were, and to not judge a person by what they wear or how they look, but by their personality. 

7. Toy Story 

When I was a little girl I had so many dolls, stuffed animals, and other toys in which I would play with for hours. When I saw Disney’s Toy Story my mind was blown away. It had to be the best movie for kids at that time. Since the first one came out in 1995 there has been a second and third movie franchise.

6. Pocahontas 

Last on the nostalgia list is Pocahontas. The Disney movie is based on some facts about the Native American woman, Pocahontas, who married an English man named John Smith. http://apva.org/rediscovery/page.php?page_id=26 I love the visuals in this movie and how Pocahontas isn’t afraid to speak up when the English men are discovering her land and taking over. She is the only princess that is a badass.

5. Inception 

One of the most talked about and thought about movies since The Matrix or Memento. This movie made me question why I dream about weird stuff sometimes, and why I dream about regular everyday stuff too. I also learned what the word Inception meant: The beginning of something, a first or first stage of a subsequent event.

4. Cloud Atlas 

Cloud Atlas is about sequence of events in which people must live through in order for the future generations to live and learn in better living conditions then the previous humans. It’s all about how one group of people started out and how they evolved, then how the next group of people evolved, then the next and so on and so forth. It was a long movie (three hours to be exacted) but it had a lesson to it, Always try to make the best of what you have, you only live once (YOLO) but seriously, people who lived before you have made the new generations’ lives a little bit better, so in return you should do the same for the next.

3. Bridesmaids 

And now to the comedy section. Bridesmaids had to be one of the funniest movies that had an all women cast I probably have ever seen. Kristen Wig who was on Saturday Night Live (SNL) and Melissa McCarthy from the TV series Mike & Molly are hilarious. 

2. Ted 

I am familiar with the TV show Family Guy, and Seth McFarlane; this movie brings the two of them together. It stars Mark Wahlberg as John and Seth McFarlane as you guessed it Ted. Other then the usual funny crude humor you see on Family Guy or in this movie the moral or the story is friendship and loyalty can never die if there is a strong bond between friends. 

1. Rat Race 

This movie makes me laugh every time I watch it. The cast is fantastic, the plot is well-delivered, the acting goes hand-in-hand with the scenes. If you haven’t seen this movie or any of the other movies listed you should. 


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