7 Reasons Why I Didn’t Go To A Party School

Summer vacation is over and back-to-school has started. This means bring on the books, notes, tests, and studying hard…Yeah Right!

I went to a 2-year-college which means I didn’t go to any parties on campus because there were no dorms. So I never really cared about partying in college. and when I hear about people going away to college just to party I think, “Why do you want to do that.” Like isn’t college where you try to get an education so that one day you hope to get a job in your field. If you do got to a party college, but you work hard and then celebrate afterward then this blog post doesn’t concern you. 

So here are seven reasons why I didn’t go to a party college.

1. I didn’t know what I wanted to do

After graduating from high school I really didn’t know what I was going to study, yet I didn’t even know what I wanted to be. I went to Westchester Community College there I started as an undecided student, but quickly found my place in journalism at the college’s newspaper. Other colleges are very expensive and very large. I didn’t want to go away and then regret my decision, and waste my time going to parties.  According to a Huffington Post article 45 percent of students attend community colleges. 

2. I can’t hold my liquor

Yes I said it. Alcohol and me don’t mix, and on top of that I don’t like to drink a lot. I never got used to drinking beer, vodka, or just straight alcoholic drinks (shots.) I only like wines, so if there’s a wine party count my in. 

Some girl at Iowa University named Samantha Goudie got her 15 minutes of fame when she got really drunk and was arrested for trespassing on the college’s football field. She blew a .341 Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) at the county’s jail.


3. I actually like getting my work down early

I am not a late person, never was, never will be. As a Journalism major I have no choice, get your articles in on time or change your major. You’re there to learn and expand your knowledge, not minimize it. 

4. I rarely go to night parties/clubs

I am not a night person. That means I am usually sleeping while party-goers are at clubs. The only parties that I have attend are the parties at a friends house in which I know I will be staying over. When I say rarely go to clubs that means I never went to one. 

5. I am too concerned with my studies

Right now I am going to school three days a week, reporting for The Examiner News (it’s an internship,) and working as a babysitter. Do you think I have time to party? The weekends are now homework and study days.

6. I need my beauty sleep

Another reason why I am not a night person. I can’t stay up all night partying when I know my term paper is due the next day, or my mid-term/final is the next morning. I would come in looking like a hot mess.

7. I rather get my money’s worth 

Like I said I went to a community college and then from there I went to a four year school in the area. The two years at WCC saved me a lot of dollars so that I could afford to attend a four year college. And on top of that the amount was greatly worth paying.

So let me know how you feel about party colleges, and if you attended one.  




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