Why I Chose Journalism


College is now for a lot of experiences, but one thing still stands strong: what choice of careers students decide on. 

Maybe you are good at math or science, maybe you want to become an actor or singer. The choice is up to each student. I didn’t know what to study until my second semester of college; however, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. 

Here are some reasons why (in chronological order.)

1. When I was a kid I was very curious 

  • I always asked the questions why, how, and so what (it drove my parents crazy.) However, being annoying and curious led me here…so I guess it was worth tormenting my folks. 

2. I wrote about my day at school, my feelings, and places I attended in a diary 

  • I had a diary when I was in grade school. I would write my thoughts sometimes they were about me having a bad or good day. I wrote about my friends and about class trips and school dances/parties I went to. Yeah pretty much everything. 
  • When I was in high school I created a blog (I forgot the website and name, but it was a virtual form of my diary.) History does in fact repeat itself. 

3. I hate Math

  • Don’t get my wrong I know how to basic equations, but I think with the creative part of my brain. I high school and even at my community college I had to use the math tutorial or  go to review classes to understand the homework and lessons. 
  • Oh and don’t get me started with chemistry or statistics. It’s all Greek to me. 

4. I am good at retaining conversations and memories

  • I could tell you conversations I have had back in high school, with friends, even stuff I said and did when I was a young kid. I remember a whole lot of stories I did for my colleges’ newspapers. Now that I am almost done with my graduate degree I truly enjoy looking back at how far I have achieved my career goal.  

5. I enjoy watching the news and news related TV shows

  • I started watching Broadcast News when I was in grade school. (The only time I enjoyed watched the news like News 12 Westchester if I was interviewed by one of the reporters.) Now I want to know what is going on in my community, nevertheless in the county. 
  • 60 Minutes and ABC’s 20/20  are my go to shows. 


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