My Favorite TV Shows of All Time

Last night the TV series Revenge premiered its third season. I recently got into watching drama and comedy shows on television, but before ABC premiered these TV shows I have other favorite shows I would watch. 


  • All That-(1994-2005): SNL but with an all-kid cast. It was a comedy sketch show that featured celebrities and weekly musical guest.

  • Doug– (1991-1994): This show focused on the life of a boy, his dog Pork Chop, and his friends and foes. The show always told an important lesson to kids.


  • Boy Meets World– (1993-2000) The show stars kids in middle school and eventually in high school and college who are all best friends and who are witnessing life’s struggles and changes through the age stages of adolescents, teens, and finally adults.   



  • How Wants to be a Millionaire– (1999-present): A game show where contestants have to answer easy to difficult questions. If they answer the questions correctly they get a certain amount of money and it adds up to $1 Million. They have help from the computer, the audience, and their families. If they run out of hints and get questions wrong they are disqualified and leave the show.


  • Survivor – (2000-Present): A reality series about Americans who get dropped-off on a deserted island. They have to participate in challenges in teams to win and not be up for elimination. Every week one person goes home until there are only two players left. Only one person wins the $1 Million at the finale.                                                            

  • Shark Tank– (2009-present): A reality game show in which ordinary people with business ideas and inventions pitch their creations to the shark tank panel (five multi-millionaires.) Sometimes the sharks like the contestants’ products, sometimes they don’t. 


The shark Panel


Tell me what your favorite TV Shows were or still are? 



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