Reasons Why I don’t 100% Agree with ‘The Amazing Atheist’

Recently on YouTube I came across a video that really made me arch an eyebrow. The video showed a man who goes by the title “The Amazing Atheist,” saying how men have been sexist toward women and how society has to protect only women’s lives…Let me explain. 

He starts off by saying a man who has or had a lump in his chest went to the hospital to get treatment was denied so because “…he has man parts dangling in between his legs.” He goes on to say this is sexism toward men not women, and if this man was a women he would have gotten treatment as soon as possible. Also, he states that everyone cares about the dying women who are dying from breast cancer, but no one cares about the dying 35,000 men from prostate cancer.  

  • More women develop breast cancer then men 

If a man does have a cancerous tumor in his chest no hospital should deny him treatment. I will except that argument. However, to say society only cares about women’s needs and health is ridiculous. In 2013, more then 200,000 cases of breast cancer were filed, 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. In men it’s over 2,000 or 1 percent; yet this is still a serious issue that women and men have to deal with. 

A link to breast cancer in men:

  • People care about other types of cancer, not only breast cancer

The month of October is indeed dedicated to breast cancer awareness. Nevertheless, once November starts prostate cancer awareness begins, and so forth and so on. The reason why people are joining walks to fund for a cure is cancer is becoming a world wide epidemic. People are developing cancer cells more frequently then ever before.

In the month of November to bring awareness to the 35,000 men how have past away men ditch the razor and grow beards. This month has been changed from November to “Movember.” It’s called Movember because men grow facial hair in honor of supporting men’s health. 

  • Women and children first has evolved throughout the decades

The Amazing Atheist stated he don’t know why women and children first is still current; as in why women get special treatments and pampered and men don’t. I say maybe that was a form of courtesy. Such actions may include opening up doors, (either gender can do that) paying the bill, (now women have careers so both genders) etc. My thoughts would be its an old jester being applied in the 21st Century. 


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