The Evil Step-Grandmother

For the longest time I have been wanting to write about this issue, but feared it would offend some people.

Today I am breaking that silence because I am really tried of feeling like scum.  So here is my story.

I never met my grandmother on my mom’s side. From stories my mother used to tell me she seemed like an awesome lady. My dad’s parents both die years before I was born so I honestly never thought about them, sorry dad. Anyway, the only blood grandparent I met was my grandfather, Anthony Carucci aka Pop Pop. He was great. Taught me about the Native Americans and always made-up stories when I was sleepy. He died in 2003, last May was the 10th anniversary of his passing. I miss him every single day.  


Before he passed away he re-married…a mean women. I was so young at the time that I thought she was my blood grandmother. My mom always told me otherwise.

The reasons why she is mean are: her title, her control, and her arrogance.

1. Her title ever since I’ve known about her antics she has always called her self Dr. K. as in “My name is Dr. K.” If any of my views are doctors that is great and I applauded you. However, when do you use your title to get things or attention. She thinks if I use my title people will stop everything they are doing and assist my needs. I really can’t stand people who think they are better than others because they have a “Doctorate.”  

2. Her control When I was about 7-years-old my grandpa went blind. His blindness wasn’t caused by a virus or cancer; his sight just disappeared. The actual doctors who work at a actual hospital didn’t know how he lost his sight either. My mom and I are so convinced this evil step-grandma took his sight away from him, figuratively.

My mother told me a story about before my grandpa went blind he asked my dad to come during the night so that he could ‘escape’ his marriage. He wasn’t happy. The evil step-grandmother found out and told him she would kill herself if he ever left him. He didn’t want her to commit suicide so he stayed. 

I guess his death was bitter sweet because even though he isn’t walking on this earth, he is with his first and true love, my grandmother. 

3. Her arrogance My evil step-grandmother has a house cleaner who has been working with her for over a decade. Not once have I heard her say “Thank you,” after the house cleaner finished her tasks. She believes she is better and more superior than the worker, but she is wrong. If this lady house cleaner quit, I doubt my evil step-grandmother would know how to do any house cleaning; nevertheless, hire someone else. Because no one with a normal functioning brain would want to last a day with her. 


In Loving Memory

Anthony Carucci


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