Top 10 Craziest People in American History

This morning I was watching the morning news. A developing story about one mother and four of her children were murdered in Brooklyn yesterday night. Their cousin that was out of work and staying with them was the only living person police found in the apartment building. 

So many killings have happened in recent years. This story and many others got me thinking about how many crazy people have committed deadly attacks in American history, and who were these horrible human beings.

10. The Zodiac Killer


  • The Zodiac Murder is one of the great unsolved serial killers in American history.
  • The 1966 began a series of murders that panicked the people of the San Francisco area. 
  • The murder played tricks on the police with weird ciphers, phone calls, cryptic messages. 
  • In 2005, The Zodiac, a horror/thriller movie played out the true terrible attacks that happened to people. 


9. David Berkowitz: Son of Sam

  • Infamous for his 1970’s killing rampage in New York City.
  • The lose of his mother and bad childhood led him to his disturbing thoughts.
  • Howling dogs kept him up at night, he turned the howling into messages from demons that told him to harm women.
  • He killed 6 people and wounded several others, before sending his confessional letters to the police. 

8.. Albert Fish


  • He thought he was a werewolf and a vampire who molested over 100 kids in  Brooklyn. 
  • He confessed to three murders and was put in jail for the murder of Grace Budd.  
  • While in prison he told one of the victim’s mother that he used to eat parts of their ears, nose, and stomach. 

7. Aileen Wuornos

  • The first of two female serial killers on the list. 
  • She was a prostitute who killed seven men in Florida. 
  • When she confessed, she received six death sentences (more than anyone else residing on death row.)
  • She was executed on Oct. 9 2002

6. Rod Ferrell: “Vampire Clan”


  • He was a member of the loose-knit gang called “Vampire Clan” in Kentucky.
  • He told people he was a 500-year-old Vampire.
  • He killed and bit a family on Nov. 25 1996 in the family’s house.
  • He was convicted in 1998 and was the youngest person to be put death row.
  • Now he is serving a life sentence without parole. 

5. Joshua Phillips


  • At 14-years-old he murdered Maddie Clifton who was only eight. 
  • He hid her death body under his bed.
  • He endued years of abuse from his father, he snapped one day in Nov. and it was all down hill from there.
  • He is one of the youngest killers in American. 

4. Jeffrey Dahmer

  • Known as the Milwaukee Cannibal.
  •  Was a serial killer and sex offender who raped and dismembered 17 men and boys between 1978-1991
  • He was sentenced to life in prison where he was beaten to death by another inmate. 

3. Adam Lanza


  • An Autistic 20-year-old who shot and killed 26 people in Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT.
  • On Dec. 14, 2012, 20 children and six adult women who were administrators and teachers of Sandy Hook lost their lives because a derange man got possession of two guns from his now dead mother. 
  • Shortly after or before the police got to the school Lanza was killed or he killed himself.

2. The Villisca Ax Murder House


  • Almost 97 years ago, two adults and six children were found brutally murdered in their beds in the small mid-western town of Villisca, Iowa.
  • The parents names were J.B. and Sarah Moore. 
  • The Murder has never been caught.
  • In the ’90s a family moved into the Villisca house and reported to detectives and police they were hearing noises and seeing figures. 
  • Even though the house has become a tours attraction, still no one knows what really happen on that night in 1910. 

1. Lizzie Borden

  • Here is a song: Lizzie Borden took an ax gave her mother forty whacks, when she was done went to her father, gave him forty-one.   
  • It was 1892, he father left for work while Lizzie and her mother were in the house.
  • According to reports Lizzie found an ax and struck her mother repetitively.
  • When her father came back home he took a nap, a nap in which he would never awake from.
  • One week later Lizzie was on trial, but was acquitted shortly after.
  • No one else was arrested for the murders. 

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