Tips on Keeping Safe at Sporting Events

Yesterday I went to the NY Rangers game at Madison Square Garden. Spoiler Alert: the Rangers won 5-1!

The game itself was great, but getting there my boyfriend and I traveled by train, then walked a few miles to get to MSG. Which was fine, but if it was me walking alone, I probably would feel uneasy about traveling by foot in NYC. This is because of all the shootings, rapes, and kills that have taken place all across the United States.
This blog is not meant to scare people in ways that prohibits anybody to fear having fun at sporting events.

This blog is meant to give advice and awareness toward today’s reality which is: security has indeed doubled at sporting events due to the Boston Marathon Bombings.

Most important rule while traveling anywhere is to travel in a group. Whether it’s two people or 10, travelers will act more calm around strangers, and less nervous or anxious. Also for women, try to travel with at least one male member or friend. 1-5 women have surveyed being attacked in the U.S.

Always keep your personal belongings close. For men, do not put your wallet inside your back pocket. The robber now has the easiest job; they can steal your identity and money in the matter of seconds. For women, make sure your purse is securely fastened to your body. Always have a tight grip on your purse.
After the Boston Marathon Bombings in April of last years, security has increased while a law that prohibits anyone bring a bag with them to future Marathons has been signed.

When at your sporting event location stay close to your group at all times. There is going to be hundreds of thousands of people in small areas of the stadium. When my boyfriend and I got to our seats we sat down, got comfortable, and looked at the amazing new ice rink. When he went to get something to drink I came with him
Never talk to people who come up to you. We arrived at MSG and were very happy, but then some drunk kid came up to my boyfriend and I asking for money. I hesitated a first then gave him a dollar just so he could get away from us. There are a lot of crazy people in this world, thankfully he left us soon after. For this rule it’s okay to be rude to strangers who ask for money. Say, “No, get away from me.”


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