I Mustache You 4 Facts About Movember


1. History: Started in 2003 in Australia, 30 men did not shave their facial hair due to helping fund research to better men’s health. The 30 men called themselves Mo Bros. The name stuck more countries joined in on the cause. The 30 mo’s from 2003 grow to 1.1 Million last year! 

2. Name: Prostate Cancer Awareness Month is in November. To support men’s health men around the world do not shave for the entire month. The name Movember stands for guys growing Mo’s and having conversations about men’s health. Fund raising and prostate cancer awareness are some of the events and advertisements that are shown during this month. The mustaches are for men who want to show their support in the fight against prostate cancer.


3. Cancer: Prostate Cancer, is the most common cancer for men. Age, family history,and race play a big part in prostate cancer. After age 50, prostate cancer increases in men, if male family members have had prostate cancer, and scientists do not have answers to this part of the cancer, but African American men are at a high risk than any other race. 

Not all men should be tested, here are some tips why:

  • Not all cancer is the same. Some forms of prostate cancer grow slower than others. 
  • The results can be unclear. Some research shows finding cancer will stop the spreading of cells; other research doesn’t. 
  • Men may experience serious side effects from treatments. Some side effects are problems going to the bathroom and having sex. 

website: http://www.cancer.org/acs/groups/content/@editorial/documents/document/acspc-024618.pdf

4. Get involved: Growing your facial hair is a great way to support and get involved with Movember, but there are other activities and events everyone can join and help out with. 

All of these events can be found on: http://us.movember.com/?home

Mo Parties: set-up a party at your house, work, or school by registering.

Mo Sistas: ladies can be Mo’s too. They support the Mo Bros by standing by their side through Movember’s journey.

MOVE:  events were people do physical activities. Such as 5k runs, yoga, bike riding and more.  

register on http://us.movember.com/get-involved/host-an-event



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