I am thankful for…

Thanksgiving is 4 days away! I still believe people of the U.S. will make a speech on Thanksgiving Day saying what they are thankful for. Maybe this year the speeches will be cut short due to stories opening their doors at 5 p.m. However, here are people, places, and thinks I am most thankful for…

1. My family Yes I know, how corny. But it’s true, I am most thankful for my parents, my younger brother, and my relatives. I would not be here if it wasn’t for them. There would never be Molly’s Weekly List. Every Thanksgiving I say, “I am thankful for my family.”

2. My home With a house there would be not such word as home. I’ve lived here for almost my entire life. My brother has lived here his entire life. I love my house and my home and I am grateful to have both.

3. My friends   Image

They make me laugh, they give good advice, they support me while I support them. Image


4. My education


Image I am thankful for receiving diplomas from: grade school, high school, and community college. I am thankful I have maintained a high GPA average in college while earning internship credits and balancing a job on top of that. In 2014 I will receive my Bachelor’s Degree.

5. I am thankful for today’s technology


Think about how far technology has come since the world wide web was created. I am thankful for immediate access to the web. I am thankful for new technology in cars and their safety ratings. Without my phone or my car it would be a hard time getting to places. 

6. My summer vacations

 I have always gone on vacation in the summer time with my family. We recently have gone with family friends. I am thankful for continuing the summer traditions. Also I thank my parents for having the money to pay every year. 

7. My clothes 

Everyone needs clothes. Heavier clothing in the fall and winter and lighter not as much clothing in the spring and summer. I am thankful for having money to buy clothes and having a decent proximity to clothing stores.

8.  My significant other

 I am thankful to have someone in my life who I can have fun with, and we can celebrate the holidays with each others families. 



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