The Two Types of Americans: According to the Justice Dept.

A rich white teenager got drunk, robbed a Wal-Mart, and drove drunk in his truck with a couple of friends inside. He crashed his truck and killed four bystanders and injured two of his friends. Now if you think this is bad it gets worse. When the teen went to court he hired a psychologist who testified that the 16-year-old boy suffered from “affluenza” because he was never punished for his actions, and never told right from wrong. 

(Affluenza: is not a real thing. There is no such disorder). 

However, the judge agrees with the psychologist’s statement and the teen gets 10 years of probation. 

Here is my opinion on this bull shit. 

  1. If you make up the 1 percent of U.S. Americans then you get off scott-free. So for the rest of humanity (the 99 percent) its off to jail for us. The main reason why this story and verdict annoys the hell out of me so much is the justice department judges whether a person goes to jail or is let go based on their socioeconomic status. In a Young Turks’ video they talk about the teen had the money to hire lawyers and the psychologist who testified in favor of him. 
  • So that is what the justice department looks for–rich people (9/10 times they are white). Also in the video, Cenk Uygur says, “Judges are in the same social circles as people who suffer from affluenza…They don’t know the person on the said of the road…for the grace of God what if that was my kid…” He goes on to say I don’t know what the right sentence should have been, but it’s not 10 years or probation. That’s the problem with our justice dept. it’s bias and not equal. 

2. Now to the 99 percent. I don’t know about you, but I am certainly not the 1 percent and I don’t plan to become the 1 percent anytime soon. Do I know people who are richer than me, hell yeah. However, I am happy where I am. If I ever in my life did sometime extremely stupid like this teenager did, I would be screwed. Because, I can’t afford a lawyer or even a successful one at best, I don’t think any of my friends could have afforded one.

  • This brings me to all the injustice that has occurred since this story aired. Trayvon Martin vs. George Zimmerman, and the Casey Anthony case trail. George Zimmerman was not guilty after a huge case of injustice against Zimmerman because he wasn’t arrested and questioned after he shot Martin. People are still upset and angry of the verdict. for Anthony’s case she was the women who allegedly killed her toddler daughter. After years of trails, family questioning, and witnesses Anthony was found not guilty.
  • So what do we do when injustice happens? Absolutely nothing. We just go about our day like nothing happened. It’s just like all the mass shooting that always happen. Everyone knows what the issue is but no one wants to fix it. “Oh I am just one person I can’t change anything.” Yes you fucking can!! Stand up and say we need to fix this injustice. Whether it’s at school, work, or local organizations. All of us have voices, all of us can relate to people being misheard or misunderstood. We need to start speaking up about how to make our nation a better place. 



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