10 New Year Resolutions I Will Try To Maintain

Now that Christmas is over, people are going to be writing or listing what their new years’ lists will contain. Maybe they will getting into sharp, eating more healthy, finding their “dream job” or a job that is in their career field, and/or become a better person than they were in 2013. I never really made a new years resolution list before because I never stuck with my plain for the next year.  Nevertheless, I am going to write 10 things I think would be fun to do in 2014. 

1. Permanently straighten my hair 

  Before—><—-After   I have straightened my hair before, but it cost a good a mount of money. However, my hair did stay straight for a couple of months, even when it grew out my hair was slightly straighter than before. This leads me to number 2.

2. Find a job in my career field  



I am going into my last semester of college. Since I started Mercy College I’ve intern at a local magazine company called Westchester Magazine, and a local Newspaper called The Examiner News. I learned a lot from those two publications and also from school itself. I do believe I have what it takes to earn a place within media and become a great news reporter. 

3. Join a Gym Joining a gym would be a good new year’s resolution because people over indulge all the food and dessert during the holidays. I also want to go back to zumba classes.  


4. Go out to a club in the city


I’ve been in New York City, I’ve danced on a dance floor, but I’ve never been to a dance club before. I am not a “night person” but I want to experience the night life in 2014. 

5. Go on vacation with a group of friends


I’ve been wanting to get a group together and rent a house or hotel by the beach. Doesn’t matter where near or far, I only want to have fun with friends for one summer season. The problem is people have jobs and schedules and things to do during the summer, so I might have to plain this early in the year.  6. I will relearn who to ride a bike

Saw this bike in Philadelphia one year #priceless. 

I haven’t rode a bike in almost 10 years. Hopefully I still know how to ride one. 


7. I will ride a roller coaster or a ferris wheel and not be afraid 


I am afraid of heights. However, maybe I will gain bravery and go on a ferris wheel in 2014.

8. Go to an Imagine Dragon’s concert 


My new favorite alternative band of 2014.


9. Try to get in touch with an old friend from grade school or high school 


 To me it feels great to get back together with childhood friends.

10. Try to do all of these in one year

Impossible…nothing is impossible if you try. 


Wishing everyone a Happy New Year. See you in 2014!!









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