Pros & Cons of Winter

For those who live in sunny Florida or in the deserts of Nevada, here in New York when the winter season arrives it brings dramatic cold temperatures, pounds of snow, and  icy roads that are as slippery as melted butter in a hot pan. 

However, there are some perks that I, Northerners, and probably everyone can enjoy…followed by the down falls.

Pro: The Holidays, seeing love ones, opening presents. 

chevy chase excited

Con: Black Friday, crowds, maxing out credit cards, seeing love one


Pro: Schools are out!

schools over schools out gif

Con: It snows all the time

home video (2962) Animated Gif on Giphy


Pro: Going away for the holidays

dog (5148) Animated Gif on Giphy

Con: Flights being canceled because of extreme weather conditions

traveling superbad gif

movie (11927) Animated Gif on Giphy


Pro: Finding all the gifts for everyone

happy (2534) Animated Gif on Giphy

Con: waiting, waiting, still waiting!!

still waiting azealia banks gif

Pro: Having fun baking 

choco chip baking gif

Con: Keeping that resolution to lose weight 

new years resolution lolthatsme gif


What Are Your Pros & Cons of Winter?


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