How Your Horoscope Describes You

The other day I was on Buzzfeed and shared a post that read 17 Things only Virgos would know to be true. I was amazed on how accurate the blog represented Virgos. I am a Virgo, I was born Sept. 7, 1990. I was wondering how horoscopes define people’s moods, personalities, and every day events.

1. The horoscope of a Virgo starts August 23 – September 22. As a Virgo I am very organized, always early, and I don’t interact with phony or unworthy people.

2. A person with the horoscope Capricorn Dec. 23 – Jan. 20, describes them as loving money, being a “workaholic”, your not a people person, and you are humble when it comes to being praised for something you accomplished.  

10 Signs You're A Total Capricorn

10 Signs You're A Total Capricorn


3. A person with the horoscope Gemini May 21 – June 21, is talkative, easily distracted, a multitasker, and you have a good intellectual personality. 

 You like to talk...a lot

4. The horoscope Taurus April 20 – May 20, is all about the persons rewards. People who are born between these months don’t usually love games, but they love what the game offers at the end. They can come across as stubborn; however, their motive is to get whatever it is done. Taurus like feeling comfortable and pleased. 

fail (4954) Animated Gif on Giphy

5. If you were born under the Scorpio horoscope Oct. 23 – Nov 21, then you are described as intense, absolutely committed to what you want, but if you ask them to do something they won’t do it. They don’t mind getting their hands, bodies, and minds dirty. The dark side of situations intrigues them.

6. A Sagittarius’ horoscope Nov. 23 – Dec. 21 means, you are an optimistic person, you don’t sugarcoat anything and you are quick to confront anyone. You like an adventure and are reckless, you are a sore loser, sorry :(. 

11 Signs You're A Total Sagittarius

7. The horoscope of a Leo July 23 – Aug. 22, means they are bossy, and loves entertaining people. People who are born between these months may seem to be full of themselves.

beyonce bossy gif 

8. People with Aquarius as their sign Jan. 20 – Feb. 18 are seen as sociable people that want to make the world a better place. They like to engage people to think about who they can make the world better. They are happy people and even happier when others agree with them.



9. The Libra horoscope sign Sept. 23 – Oct.22, means you like to be in teams or around groups of people. You love new things and adventures. You get excited over these new items. However, Libras are usually lazy and can’t make up their minds. On the bright side Libras know exactly what other people are feeling.

10. People born in the Pisces horoscope Feb. 19 – March 20, are described as loyal. You would go out of your way to help a friend. You don’t like to lead a group or be a high raising business person. They are creative individuals when they are alone, but need friends and love ones to keep them grounded.

11. A Cancer’s horoscope June 21-July 22 means they are self-sufficient, but need emotional support from their friends and family. People who are born between these months crave attention from people. They are the happiest when they have a small group of loyal friends with them.

12. People born with the Aries horoscope sign March 21 – April 19, are described as go-getters. They often lead the way, they’re upbeat and bring the excitement everywhere. They like to create activities while they work.


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