10 Things I never learned in School

Nothing is more important than knowledge. That is what teachers and educational speakers should be preaching to their students. Ever since I graduated from grade school and high school, I have learned life’s most important lessons from trial and error or from pure curiosity.

So here are 10 situations I encounter in my younger school years that got me nowhere.

1. In math class I learned how to find what “x” meant in algebra, what the slope calculated to, and how to find the measurement of a triangle is in trigonometry. However, I never learned how to balance a checkbook or estimate how much I’ll save if an item is 35 percent off. 

Things I never learned in High School. http://iwastesomuchtime.com/on/?i=80288

2. I didn’t know where the Middle East was until 9/11 happened. 

solar system geography gif


3. Also in math class, my 6, 7, and 8th grade teacher had spelling tests ever week. That was a good idea because I really need to know how to spell ‘hexagon’ in order to get a job.

4. I thought I there was something wrong with my brain when I took standardize tests. I thought this way until college.
5. If you went to catholic school you can relate to this. My grade school focused more on religion than anything else. I think I learned more about the old and new testament than math, English, science, how to play soft ball etc.
6. I never knew how to write a well developed e essay until my senior year of high school. When I went to college and majored in Journalism I had to learn how to write an article.

7. Speaking of articles, never wrote an article until college. I wish my high school had media classes so that people like myself would know what they want to do at an early age.

8. I never understood history (the U.S., Europe, and Asia in particular) but when I went overseas I learned a lot.
9. I never learned how to create a resume or learn how job interviews work.
10. I never learned how to create or operate a blog page. But I learned!

What life lessons were missed do to your school not teaching them


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