10 Facts About U.S. Football

Every year on the first Sunday in February two of the best football teams in the NFL play one last game to determine who wins and who becomes the champions. For U.S. Americans this is simply called the Super Bowl. As the hours, minutes, and seconds dwindle down to kick-off time, lets look back at how U.S. Football evolved and the surprising facts that make up the most popular sport in North America. 

1. The History

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The history of football started with the game Rugby. Rugby originated from Medieval Europe. A lot of people had to get a ball from one part of town to the other. There were no rules and sometimes people died. Eventually, one Englishman was tried of kicking the ball that he picked up the ball and started to run. That is when the other team tackled him. http://www.historyoffootball.net/history_of_football.html 

And the rest is history!

2. The Name

In Europe, South America, Asia, Australia (pretty much everywhere else besides the U.S.) football is played with players feet, DUH! So why do 200 lbs men, who wear padding from head to foot, carrying a oval ball call this football? Well, it goes back to Rugby. The sports mission is to get from one part of a large field holding a ball and scoring with or without getting tackled or dropping the ball. In other parts of the world football is U.S. soccer. In U.S. football there are times where players do kick balls e.i. the punter who kicks the ball into the end zone. 

3. Super Bowl vs. Thanksgiving

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The Super Bowl is the second largest day for food consumption. The first is Thanksgiving. 

4. No OT in Super Bowl

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Even thought there has been many over time plays in NFL history, during all Super Bowl games there has been no over time plays ever. http://nypost.com/2014/02/01/12-super-bowl-facts-that-will-impress-your-friends/ maybe this game will be different. 

5. The Climate


Usually football is played in the late fall into the winter season. The Super Bowl is usually played in tropical states with warmer weather. This year the game will be played at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. Not a warm state at all in the winter. However, the coldest temperature on record during the game was Super Bowl VI. The temperature was 39 in New Orleans. The Cowboys and Dolphins played that game.  http://www.sportingcharts.com/articles/nfl/super-bowl-historical-weather-at-kick-off.aspx

6. The Invention of the Huddle

interesting football facts 2 20 interesting football facts to kick off the NFL season (20 Photos)

Invented by a deaf quarterback, Paul Hubbard used sign language for the plays, but found out the opposing players knew what he was saying through his signs. Hubbard decided to put his players in a circle and then sign. This way only his team knew the plays. http://fookembug.wordpress.com/2009/02/01/deaf-football-player-invented-the-american-football-huddle/

7. After Fame and Fortune 

Some retired NFL players do have success stories after their careers are over, e.i. Micheal Strahan & Brett Favre to state a few. However, there are some retired players that go off the market never to be seen again. 

8. Life Expectancy 

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Hep, all those tackles can lead to serious injuries. The average expectancy of a NFL player is 55 years. 

9. The Stadiums 

All stadiums are required to be built facing north and south. This is because the players don’t want to have sun glare while in the middle of a play. http://www.omg-facts.com/Sports/NFL-Stadiums-Have-To-Be-Built-North-To-S/55425

10. The Invention of Helmets 

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Dr. James Naismith introduced the helmet. In 1943 it was required that all players wear helmets. 


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