10 Activities to Boost your Health During the Winter Season

When the winter season arrives, people across the nation usually stay inside, eat more, and if necessary remove snow or ice from their cars. Not too many people enjoy the long winter season, but not a lot of people know they can maintain their health and fitness during the winter either.

Here are 10 ways to gain muscle and burn fat this winter

1. When you shiver, your metabolism raises

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When you shiver your body converts “white fat” into calorie-burning “brown fat.” This process creates a hormone called irisin. Your cells create more heat, which helps your body contain its internal temperature. Think of this process as completing a full workout.

2. You develop more muscle

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All the shoveling and scrapping off ice from your car and driveway is finally worth something. In cold temperatures our bodies are not as flexible as they were during the other three months. So do a routine weekly workout.

3. Winter helps us sleep

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When you are feeling tried and when you go to sleep your body releases a chemical called melatonin. This chemical helps you fall asleep, sleeping is a necessity toward body & brain function. However, too much or too little can result in obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

4.  You drink a lot of liquids


To get your body warmer during the frigid winter, you might make yourself a bowl of soup or a cup of tea. Just like the summer season, in winter you need to keep hydrated. Why? Unlike summer people don’t lose water through sweat, they lose it through water vapor. This occurs when you exhale out of your mouth. The water vapor is your breath you see. http://www.truelemon.com/article/380-how-hydration-protects-your-health-this-winter 

5. New Year, new you

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Winter motivates you. As strange as it sounds winter is the best season to get up and achieve your goals. Most gyms give discounted membership payments in January for those who want to stick with their New Year’s Resolution.

6. Healthy eating

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Warm soup and tea do warm you up, but healthy food makes you happy. During the winter you should eat omega 3-fatty acid, vitamin B, and proteins. Try to avoid starchy breads like white bread and substitute whole wheat, grains, and vegetables.

7. Winter’s pleasures

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Here in the Northeast region, it might be hard getting out and having fun due to snow. Nevertheless, when people do get a chance to enjoy the winter we go ice skating, shielding, and skiing/snowboarding. The winter season does have a lot of fun activities.

8. Be more social



Anyone who has ever been in a snow storm or has been stuck inside their homes due to winter weather knows this stuff sucks. You can’t go anywhere, nothing is good on television, there is nothing really to do. Well when it is time to go out during the winter try to socialize with friends, family, an organization you are a part of, whatever. The more you go out and interact with others the less you will feel bored or depressed.

9. Substitutions for vitamin D

http://wifflegif.com/gifs/477952-awesome-sunset-gif http://wifflegif.com/gifs/477952-awesome-sunset-gif

Vitamin D helps regulate your mood. This happens when UVB lights are exposed onto your skin. In the winter their  is usually a lack of Vitamin D; however, there are Vitamin D pills that act like UVB sun lights for people who are deficient. You can get them at your local convenient store  or your doctor can do a blood test to see if you are qualified.

10. Bundle up and be safe


During the Polar Vortex multiple people wear layers of clothing. In extreme cold weather layering is the way to go. Low temperatures can lead to hypothermia, frostbite, and also heart related deaths.


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