8 Memorable USA Olympians Who Won Gold

Yesterday I watched the U.S. vs. Russia in men’s hockey and it was intense! The game was tied and it went into over time, then into a shoot out. The U.S. won in the 8th round beating Russia 3-2. This game was almost like a reminder toward a very famous Olympic hockey game in the ’80s…but that would be spoiling the 8 most memorable people/teams who won gold medals in U.S. history.

8. Jess Owens


Owens was an American track and field athlete in the Germany Summer Olympics. His moves were based on long jumps and  sprints. He was the most successful American athlete, and won four gold medals in 1936. He showed his American pride during WWII and when Nazi Germany was active.

7. Sage Kotsenburg

I know that this is not technically a “historic” moment in the Olympics, but Kotsenburg was the first U.S. snowboarder to win gold on a trick he never practiced or did before.  That is amazing.

6. The Dream Team


In 1992, the first team to feature NBA players in the Olympics was the U.S. Men’s Olympic Basketball Team, a.k.a. “The Dream Team.” They were described as the greatest sports team to be assembled. They won the gold over Croatia.

5. Mary Lou Retton

An American former gymnast who won four medals including gold at the 1984 Summer Olympics. Her performance made her one of the most popular gymnast/athlete in ’84 Olympics.

4. Micheal Johnson 

Created a new Olympic record when Johnson won the 200 & 400 Meters at the 1996 Olympic games. He was the first man ever to win gold in both competitions. 

3. Kerri Strug


Now a retired gymnast. Strug was best remember for preforming the vault while dealing with an injured ankle.

2. Micheal Phelps

Phelps holds the record of all-time Olympic gold medals. He is now retired, but he is known as the most decorated Olympian of all-time, with 22 medals in total. He won eight gold medals in the 2008’s Beijing, China Olympics. 

1. Miracle on Ice

Do you believe in miracles? During the 1980’s Winter Olympics in New York, the U.S. Men’s Hockey team vs. the Russians to decide who will go on to play Finland in the finals. The U.S. team did not have  experienced NHL players, but young college students. The Russians thought they would dominate the U.S. team. They were so wrong.

 What are your favorite U.S. Gold Medal Moments


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