10 Weirdest College Majors

College is a place where young people go to find out what they want to study and eventually work for their  after graduating. Some people go for teaching, for psychology, for Journalism, etc. And then there are some people who major in the weirdest of fields of study. 

To them I say, good luck finding work.

1. Bowling Management: Vincennes Universtiy, Indiana  

disappointed bowler scores strike in next lane gif


The only program in the country. It offers students how to learn the business of bowling. I didn’t even know there was a business in bowling. 

2. Comedy: Humber College, Canada

jeremy renner reaction gif


A four year program where students write and preform comedy acts. The only people who will be laughing after these students graduate are the administers because the tuition outside Canadian boarders is almost $13,000 per semester.  

3. Puppetry: University of Connecticut 

blaine anderson puppet master gif


This major is so weird it’s popular at UConn. Still it’s really weird. 

4. Sexuality: San Francisco State University, California

  relationships cameron diaz gif


Let’s get it on…in class. The program says students learn the knowledge about the process. I think we all know what the process is. 

5. Nannying: Sullivan University, Kentucky

 fran drescher favorite tv gif


I guess students want to become the next Fran Drescher. This major doesn’t seem too weird, but what are the chances of becoming a full-time nanny when there is daycare.

6. Magic: Indiana University

michael scott the office gif


This major is no trick, their is a program in Indiana U. The students who major in this, well their jobs all disappeared. 

7. Parapsychology: University of Edinburgh, UK

paranormal creepy gif


This major is spooky! The program teaches students about the super natural and they get a degree in paranormal activities. 

8. Folklore & Mythology: Harvard University, Massachusetts

vikings animated gif on Giphy


Does this major even exist? The program discusses all types of medieval facts and events. At Harvard this is the oldest undergrad program.

9. Enigmatology: Indiana University

win animated gif on Giphy


Wow Indiana U has weird undergrad programs. Oh well, Enigmatology is the study of puzzles. A couple of people graduated with this degree, but one graduate had his puzzles published the New York Times and became famous. So the joke is on us.

10. Mime:  New Jersey Center for Mime, NJ

the warriors animated gif on Giphy


I have no words! Get it.



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