10 Issues the Millennial Generation will Experience

There has been some economical improvement since the economic crisis back in 2007-2008. However, for the next generation, the Millennials or Gen Y’s the statistics of getting a job and being financially independent are still extremely low. But there are more problems this generation will have to face.

10. Less Likely to Believe in God

mitchell and webb there is no god gif


Compared to older generations Millennials are 28 percent more likely to not be certain in their Religion. About 11 percent do not believe in a Religion at all.

9. The Rising Cost of College

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The typical amount to attend college is $45,000 a year. For previous generations that number has risen dramatically.

8. No Jobs For You!

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Millennials who have graduated last year have a 3.8 percent difficultly finding employment. Early Boomers only had a 2.5 percent problem finding work after graduation.

7. Lack of News

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In this day and age Millennials do not go out and buy an actual newspaper. They enjoy logging onto social networks, playing video games and searching on Google or any other web search engine.

6. We are not going to the chapel

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Only 26 percent of Millennials are married. However, 36 percent of Millennials have kids.

5. Fear of attack

claire danes terrorist gif


Americans fear terror attacks more than violence of crime.

4. High levels of depression 

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College is a stressful time for some Millennials. Anti-depression medication is used a lot for stress relief and also the parents demand to do well in college.

3. A lot of debt

college animated GIF


The approximate number of student loan debt in the U.S. is $1.1 Trillion. This means that 1-in-8 people have student loans. Since 2007 a 31 percent increase has been made of student loan borrowers. The average cost of student loans is more than $27,000.

2. Politically Incorrect 

 political humor republicans gif


In the 2012 election, 67 percent of young people ages 18-29 voted for Obama. Even though some young adults do not vote, Obama received about 23 million votes from Millennials. Mitt Romney received under 7 million votes.

1. Climate Change

greenhouse gas global warming gif


In 40 to 50 years form now Millennials want the Earth to still provide oxygen and protection from the Sun’s rays. Hopefully the Ozone Layer will still be useful.


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