Top 10 Most Popular Viral Trends

Viral trends liked selfies, twerking, crazy music videos, and making animal noises have been in public domain for quite awhile. They exploded onto the Internet and then in a few weeks or months, they start to get boring and dull. 

10 Miley Cyrus’ music videos

miley cyrus wrecking ball gif

Video’s that went viral: “Wrecking Ball” 579 Million views, and “We Can’t Stop” 371 Million views.

9. The Harlem Shake 

 harlem shake rewind2013 gif

Before people started wiggling and gyrating to electronic music. The original Harlem Shake was created in Harlem, New York.

All the Harlem Shake videos have a million views or more.

8.  Lip Readings

The footage is real, but the audio is fake. Many of the videos have plenty of views. 

7. Twerking 

pelvic thrust twerk team gif

It’s a great exercise! Over a million views on YouTube. 

6. Catchy music lyrics 

what does the fox say dora the explorer gif

        movie animated GIF

Do I really need to tell you how many views??



5. Selfie 

oscars most retweeted seflie bradley cooper ellen gif

There’s even a song about taking selfies.


4. Hoaxes 

alien animated GIF

Manti Te’o, Jimmy Kimmel’s twerking video, waitress is denied tip, and more.


3. Memes

Grumpy Cat! 

2. Goat videos

Taylor Swift, Adele, Bon Jovi and more.

1. News stories remix

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That! 


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