Top 10 Competitive Careers

As graduation draws near, college seniors adjust to searching for jobs along with the fierce competition. However, some careers are not as competitive as others. And yes, some careers are highly competitive to get hired. Some of these jobs are based on the data from Occupational Information Network (O*NET)

10. Retail-Sales Ass./Manager 

retail problems i hate my job gif

A lot of teenagers and college students get retail part-time jobs during school. Getting a position as a manager in retail is more demanding then part time work. 

9. Education

american education system gif

There are not as many teaching positions after graduation in today’s job market. Students might have to take part time positions after they graduate.  

8. Professional Athlete

 mygifs lolz gif

Obvious not everyone can become a professional athlete. Did you know that you have a better chance of writing a New York Times bestseller than becoming an athlete.

7. Music Teacher/Composer 

valentina lisita best music blogs gif

Two facts about studying music in college: 1. You will be unemployed forever. 2. You will go into teaching and hope to God it was worth it. I’ll tell you right now if it was worth studying, no.

6. Journalism  

will ferrell anchorman gif

In the fast-paced world with networking, social media, 24/7 access to everything, becoming a journalist is 10 times more competitive than before. 

5. Graphic Designer 

Mathew Lucas animated GIF

When I was a senior in high school I wanted to study graphic design in college. Then I found out how competitive it was and opted out. 

4. YouTubers

 film animated GIF

They get paid to upload videos onto . However, the demand for constant video uploads is non-stop. Plus you would have to know how to edit your video after you’re done filming. 

3. Astronaut 



astronaut dog floating in spaceship gif

This career is the most risky one on my list. Only 10 astronauts are hired every year, and the chances of becoming one are about 300 to 1. However, with the rapid growth of the population the chances that you will become an astronaut is around 12 million to 1. 

2. Dancer/Choreographer 

sexy animated GIF

Anyone can dance, but few can dance to the song’s beat. Choreography is actually the number one most competitive career on O*NET’s work level chart.

1.  Computer Network/Engineer 

 new animated GIF

Computers have been on the rise and still continuing to improve and advance as technology moves further into the future. 



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