The 4 types of Generations

The four generation groups are–Silent, Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials. They’re all different, yet the same. They think differently, they view social values differently, they’re financial levels are different. However, they all share what is know as a generation personal.  Here are the four types of gens.


1. The Silent Generation: (1928-1945)

money animated GIF

People who are in this generation are the most financially secure group out of all other gen-groups.


None animated GIF

They don’t like cultural, technological, racial, or social change.


forever alone old people gif

They absolutely love their Social Security and Medicare plans.


2. The Boomer Generation: (1946-1964)

babies animated GIF

People in this generation are apart of the big spike in fertility after World War II ended.

The birth control pill was created during this time.


bob dylan animated GIF

They are known for participating in counter-cultural protests in the ’60s.


3. The Gen Xers: (1965-1980)

other animated GIF

People in this generation don’t agree with the government,

but have a conservative view on finances and a liberal view on social issues.

the office animated GIF

Their more comfortable when it comes to racial diversity, than older generations.


4. Millennials: (Born after 1981)

clara oswald doctor who gif

People in this generation are extremely tech savvy. They were born into the digital era with computers, tablets, cell and smartphones.

jessica day boobs love unemployment gif

Even though they’re highly educated–unfortunately, a lot of Millennials still live at home because of the economy.

indie animated GIF

When it come to politics, religion, race, sexually, and marriage–they’re more independent than any other past generation.


What generation are you? 





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