10 Tips On Building Your Resume

For many soon-to-be college graduates, making sure your resumes and cover letters are up-to-date with no errors can be tedious and challenging. I have had two internships in the last year. This is thanks to my hard work and support from teachers. Therefore, when I apply to any job or internship, I usually update my resume and cover letter. Here are 10 helpful ideas on developing a well-written resume. These ideas are for anyone who will be applying to jobs or internships soon.
10. Don’t use graphics or designs to make your resume stand out

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If you are a student studying art design, this tip may not apply. However, employers want to read what you have accomplished. Your skills will make your resume stand out. 

9. Network with everybody and everything

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If you are just getting started in your college, field of study, or academics it might be difficult to get an internship. First get familiar with your teachers and classes. Then once you create connections start writing down your experiences and skills. If you had experience outside of college that is a plus too. P.S. social media networks are good starting tools also. 

8. Summarize your summary 

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Your summary should be at the top of your resume. What you have achieved, all your skills, and your current and past experiences are to be listed in one paragraph. Try not to write full sentences because employers don’t want to read a long summary. For example, “I have interned and then started working in so-called business company since September,”this can be summarized into: had interned at so-called company in Sept. Employers will read you started work at this company in relating experiences (coming up shortly.)

7. Add links to your work

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Once you have experience in your major or job, you can create links on your resume. These links will allow employers to look at past work you have completed. Links on a resume are important for any type of major, but if you are majoring in reporting or news and TV broadcasting you should definitely have links to your work.

6. Update your skills 

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Also with links that show-off your work, updates on your resume show that you have other skills or more experience. You should update your resume after you get an internship or job, graduate from school, and even your GPA score. 

5. Proofread eveything

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It is annoying, but employers are going to read your resume. If you have any grammar mistakes they won’t hire you. I remember one college mentor said, “Employers at Amazon have stated that 20 percent of all sent resumes were totally ignored because of grammar mistakes. So proofread everything.

4. A Hard Copy & Electronic 

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Linkedin is a social networking site that is based on finding jobs and connecting to companies and their employers. You can create a virtual digital resume. Linkedin is a great device to have when looking for work or when employers go to look for you online. 

3. Separation of company business and personal business 

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Never put any personal descriptions on your resume. Such descriptions would be sexually, religious beliefs, political views, etc. It’s somewhat like a first date: don’t talk about politics, religion, or money.

2. Refer you references

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Along with your resume, have a reference page. This page will be about your additional skills, the people that you have interned or worked with, also your teaches. Make sure you include either a telephone number or an email address for each referenced person. 

1. Keep it short

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Try to fit your name and address, summary, and your relating experiences on one page. If it goes to another page don’t erase anything, but try to edit some of your work. A good method is use bullet points and keep them to three or four points, that’s all.  


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