My Thoughts on Women

Before I started my Journalism career, I never fully understood what the word feminism meant. After reading a great novel called Bias by Bernard Goldberg, and hearing about successful women being fired for asking for a raise, teenage girls being thrown out of their prom because of what they are wearing i.e. pants, and finally all the talk about Hilary Clinton becoming a grandmother.  Also on the subject of how she will not have time to focus on the presidential campaign.

Do you think any of these stories would’ve happened to men?

Disclaimer: I looked up the word feminism and the Merriam-Webster definition states, “The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.” There weren’t any words or adjectives such as: bra-burners, men-haters, lesbians, etc. This is what the media describes and defines Feminist. Now I thought this way about Feminist until I read Bias. You can call me a Feminist, and I will be absolutely find with that description, however I am not a bra-burner, or a man-hater, or a lesbian.

Now let me tell you about what happened during the last year, month, and week regarding women and teenage girls.

  • The 2012 Presidential Election

In a Huffington Post article dating back to March of 2012 The President of Planned Parenthood stated that she read Mitt Romney say he wanted to get rid of Planned Parenthood while traveling in Texas. Look, I know that Mitt Romney is a religious man. He has a different agenda when it comes to women’s health and religion. I am not saying he is anti women, if he was brought up on his faith that is absolutely fine. Who am I to say you can believe in your faith, or a different faith than me.

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Okay, nevertheless, Romney has no right shouting down Planned Parenthood’s buildings. The issues involving pregnancy, abortion, and birth control are related to women. It doesn’t apply to you.

  • War on abortion 

Another women’s issue that men have argued about is abortion. In a recent USA Today article focuses on abortion clinics shouting down in parts of Texas. In the article is states, “…The number of clinics in the Rio Grande Valley that preformed the services has dropped from two to zero, forcing women to drive more than 300 miles roundtrip to other states for services, or attempt riskier procedures across the board.”

Texas is a “red state.” This means that there are more Republicans than Democrats in this state. However, Texas isn’t the only Republican state to start shouting down or not allowing women to receive an abortion. More Republican states have started to follow Texas and even go beyond Texas’ abortion laws.

You might be thinking why a woman would want to get an abortion in Republican states if they don’t allow it? Well, there are pregnancies that are not always planned. Maybe some of these women are young teenagers who never got the right lessons or teachings on safe-sex in health class. Let’s keep it real, when teaching safe-sex to teenagers in high school teachers will say condoms never work, you will get STIs or AIDS, you will die, etc. No wonder teenage girls have predicted pregnancies.

Furthermore, sometimes sex is not consensual. And when I say not consensual, I mean rape. Do you really think that any women or family would want to birth a child from a rape attack?

  • Rape goes unpunished

There’s been a lot of take about sexual assaults taking place in colleges across the nation. However, after the protests, the walks, and rape awareness events the universities and colleges’ representatives either don’t get involved, or do as little as possible so that the school doesn’t have a bad reputation. But these actions are only making the colleges and universities look even worse.


Now a lot of times on the news and media women are the victims of rape, but men can and sometimes are victims of rape as well. What happened in the Jerry Sandusky sexual assault trail at Penn State was absolutely horrible. When Sandusky was a coach teaching football at Penn State, he also taught young boys how to play. One boy now a grown man said when I was 12 Sandusky sexually assaulted me in the boys’ locker room. He very told anyone about this until 2007 when the Penn State scandal broke-out. What happen to that boy, now a man was terrible. The college was trying to cover it up, like all big-time universities.

People don’t talk about rape often. It’s emotional, it’s traumatizing, and it’s one of the worse actions that could ever happen in someone’s life. But there needs to be a stop to this. So how are people going to change and stop sexual violence acts when on one comes fourth as a victim, as a supporter for stopping sexual violence, as a friend.

  • Women hate women

A teenager got ready for her prom. She like a whole bunch of other girls her age was looking forward to prom night. She never got to dance because she was wearing pants. Another girl wore a dress, she went to her prom, but there were adult men looking at her while she celebrated. She was asked to leave by a female chaperon.

So one girl wasn’t allowed to go to her prom because of her outfit, and the other girl was thrown out of her prom because there were men (parents to be exact) looking at her.











The picture of the girl’s dress on the right was taken to show that her dress is longer than her fingers. This test at the school is called “the finger test.” I’ll let that sink in for a moment. The girl in the picture on the left is dressed different than girls at the prom, but it’s her choice to wear this outfit.

I don’t agree that there is a “war on women.” I think that women and men do have equal rights. I think that those rights for women are at times pulled away do to the state they live in, do to the faith they were brought up in, and do to the people with power. 




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