Beaches I’ve Been To

This Saturday, June 21 marks  the official day of summer. During the summer families and  friends take off from work and school to go on vacation to a tropical and sunny destination. The proximity of these beaches differ, there are some located 30-45 minutes away, and others are located across the global. These places’ prices range from cheap, to moderate, to expensive; however, from my experience I can feel you the price is worth paying.

6.  Jones Beach Park, Long Island, New York

Located in Long Island, New York, it’s a great destination for a weekend getaway. Parking a $10 for cars, and the quality of their food is good with the price being reasonable. The parking lots vary. Parking lot No. 6 is the closest lot to the beach, where parking lot No.4 beach goers have to walk under a tunnel to get the to beach.

One last thing to remember when going to Jones Beach, get there early.

5. The Jersey Shores, New Jersey

In my past, I’ve gone down to the Jersey Shore every year, when I was a kid. My grandparents had a house close to Bradley Beach. Unfortunately, when my grandfather passed away we had to sell the summer house. However, I still go to Jersey’s beaches every so often with my family.

4. Ocean City, Maryland

When I was five, my parents and then baby brother went to a magical place called Ocean City Maryland. Between the mid ’90s when my family and I vacationed there and early 2000s, this was our summer destination. I recently went down again last year. It’s quite a drive thou; from New York it’s a 5 hours down without stopping. The Hotels are pricey, but it’s a great place for couples and families with children.

3. Miami Beach, Florida

On my first cruise, my family and our family friends went to Miami and the British Islands. Miami was a great summer destination for everyone. It was a pricey trip, but it’s well worth traveling to.

2. The Bahamas, Nassau


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