My Thoughts on Sports

Now that that World Cup is over, and Germany won, it’s time to talk about what a sport is.

A sport according to the online website is an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature. Sports require knowledge, endurance, speed, and the most important victory and defeat.

Victory and defeat, in other words one team will win and the other will not. That’s the way sports are, that’s the world we live in.

I was told to always give my all at everything, sports and beyond. However, my parents also told me that some times giving my all is not enough, some times people are better than you.

What’s wrong with saying that – “Some times people are better than you.” That’s not ruining anyone’s life,

that’s the definition of life.

Just think what the country and world would be like  if everyone was a winner. If the New York Rangers got a Stanley Cup, or if the race horse California Chrome received the Triple Crown even though he didn’t win at Belmont’s raceway, or if all of the countries’ players in the World Cup got a trophy, yeah it would be a happier place with no horrible losing memes, but there would be no competition.

While I was watching the World Cup (especially the Brazil vs. Germany game) the sports commentators were rooting for Brazil so much that they hardly spoke about Germany’s past and skills.

Yes Brazil got their asses beat by Germany,and it was the worst lose Latin American has seen, but life does go on. Well if you’re a Brazilian or one of their Football players maybe you want to end your life, but are you really going to?

Probably not

My point is there’s always going to be a winner and there is always going to be a loser in sports. The commentators made such a huge deal predicting who will win, and this happens all the time. People bet on their team and say that they will win, and if they do than they are lucky, if not they lose x amount of money and get upset that their team lost.

I get it, and there’s no problem with betting on your team. The problem happens after the game when their team loses. Here’s my solution, have an understanding of the odds that surround your team. Either they are a good enough team to win or the other team has a better advantage. Also know your limits on how much money you are giving in.

Another solution, stop predicting. Leave it to your imagination, the thrill, the suspense.

People attended the Belmont horse race to see history. I personally didn’t see the race, but I heard about that happened and what the owner said afterward. If I was there I would not what commentator telling me how they think the race will fall into place. I want to feel the thrills and excitement from not knowing what will happen.

And then there’s the owner. The horse’s owner, Steve Coburn, got upset that his horse didn’t win the race and gave excuses to why he was upset. 

first he blamed the other horses who didn’t run in the previous two races, the Kentucky Derby and Maryland’s Preakness. He said basically that it was not fare that his horse had to run two races while all the other horses only ran this race. I believe that has been a rule for many years in horse racing. Then he said that his horse didn’t have the endurance to run the mile and a half. Something I didn’t know either, the Kentucky and Preakness are both shorter race tracks. The Belmont Raceway is a longer I guess more “harder” track to complete. However, the track didn’t grow an extra half mile the night before the race. Coburn should have known to train his horse to go the distance. Maybe that would have made the difference between not winning and receiving the Triple Crown trophy.

All of this comes down to one thing, don’t get upset over losing. It’s a part of life. What’s not a part of life is acting like sore loser for all of the nation and the world to see.


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