Top 10 Mortality Statistics

So there’s been a lot of plane crashes and explosions in the past few weeks. Hearing all of these tragic events made myself and I guess most of the human population afraid of flying. However, planes are still the safest way of transportation. The chances of being in a plane crash is the same as being struck by lightening, seven times.

Here are types of  transportation, animals, objects, and weather that is more deadly than planes.

10. Shark Attacks 

ocean animated GIF

We’ve seen Jaws, Shark Week is coming soon, and the beloved Sharknado, but the statistic of being gobbled up in a shark is slim. Around 200 million people visit U.S. beaches each year, but out of that number only 36 people are attacked.

9. Microwaves 

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Microwave ovens work upon radiation waves. Although the death level is low with microwaves some people have gotten burned from hot food.

8. Animal Attacks 

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Deer have injured and even killed car drivers. There are 1.5 million car accidents involving deer. The about of humans killed during an animal interference when driving a car is 150.

7. Elevators 

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How many movie scenes have people stuck in an elevator, a lot. Yet, the actual statistic is not that high. people ride elevators 18 billion times a year in the U.S. The death result is 27 deaths on average annually.

6. Lightening 

sky animated GIF

You know the saying, “You’ll have better luck being struck by lightening, then winning the lottery.” Well is it true, Eighty percent of lightening strikes are generated within clouds. There’s a 20 percent chance a person could get struck after lightening strikes the ground from the sky.

5. Choking 

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Unfortunately, more children than adults for this death statistic. In the year 2000 160 children age 14 and younger died from obstruction due to inhaling foreign objects. At least one child dies from a choking event every five days.

4. Drowning 

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Drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injuries and deaths between children ages one to 14.

3. Car Crashes 

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We get in them every day, yet still they are more deadly than shark attacks, planes crashes, and lightening strikes, there cars. There are 20-50 injuries involving car crashes, and 1.3 million people die in car crashes every year, which makes the average deaths a day over 3,000.

2. Gun Shots 

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I personally do not own a gun, and I do not think that guns are the reason why there has been so much violence involving guns, it’s more to do with the person’s well-being. However, a gun is a lethal, fatal weapon no matter how is holding it. In the years 2011-2012 there were about 34 percent of deaths relating to gun usage.  That is about 11,000 deaths in one year.

1. Alcohol 

alcohol animated GIF

We drink it at parties, at home, and for those depressed moments at work. Alcohol is a soothing drug that can be beneficial to our health, but when we overdo the drug it can be deadly. Roughly, 88,000 people died from alcohol poisoning annually. 




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