Mistakes vs. Regrets

People don’t like making mistakes. People don’t like feeling regretful. Nevertheless, every person whom is living today or whom had lived made mistakes-it’s human nature, it’s life. Yet, we still feel horrible when we mess up. I think we get timid, embarrassed, or we feel uncomfortable when we mess up in front of a group. 

However, which reaction is more devastating: making mistakes or regretting something?

  • Mistakes can be fixed  

When a mistake is made, the person who created it feels upset or uneasy at first. Then he/she has two options: fix the mistake, don’t beat yourself up about messing up, and  finally learn from it, or make believe it don’t exist and leave the mistake in your work. The second option has a higher risk of getting fired. 


Yes in some cases mistakes can cost people their careers, but I believe that everyone has the will power to learn from their mistakes. As an up-incoming writer/journalist I have made plenty of mistakes. I started out not knowing how to write an article, I got rejected from job offerings, and even internships didn’t hire me after my time as an intern was over. However, I learned what I needed to improve on, and what I need to work on in order to become a professional journalist. 

  • Regrets take time to heel 

Regrets are more difficult to fix. Let’s say a person breaks off their relationship, engagement, or marriage. The person who received this news is of course heart broken, but they manage to move on and find someone else to treats them better. Now the person who called it quits has regrets. It takes time to put the pieces of one’s life puzzle back together again. 


However, some regrets are worth laughing about. After laughing run back to the tattoo parlor and get the misspelled word removed ASAP.

Mistakes and regrets are both embarrassing to commit. Arguably, regrets are harder to forget, but if one is in a position where they made a mistake or regretted to do or say something, take time to ask yourself these questions: can I fix this, how bad is this mistake, what can I do to make it up to my friends or family? After saying these questions, take act. After that, laugh it off. 


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