Songs that Make me Think

An earworm is a song that gets stuck inside your head for a long period of time. Usually it’s seen as a negative action, but some songs are worth remembering. 

Mirrors Justin Timberlake

The sound, the songs message, and the cinematography all are cohesive elements that make up a powerful musical piece. I think the message that Timberlake is singing about is when he sings, “It’s Like your my mirror, my mirror is staring back at me…” he means the person you loved or still love is a part of you. They are the reflection you see in the mirror, even though they are no longer there or no longer your love.

I also love it because it’s Justin Timberlake singing, and what girl doesn’t love him. 

Lose Yourself Eminem 

A workout song or a song that makes you think about doing your best. This song makes me feel strong. It raises my spirits, and it makes me believe I can do anything I put my mind to. Eminem had to define all the odds of becoming a rapper. In his movie 8 Mile he showed his struggle while living in Detroit and attending rap battles in underground clubs. The lyrics, “…You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow, this opportunity comes once in a lifetime…” which means you better do your damn best because you are not going to get another chance if you screw up. 

XO Beyonce 

A cute song to play in front of someone you adore or love. It has a good beat, I love the scenery, and Beyonce is singing (that’s always a plus.) XO is a short symbol for hugs and kisses- one of the lyrics in her song goes, “…Baby love me lights out, in the darkest night out, I search through the crowd, baby you give me everything, baby love me lights out…” It’s a great song for a wedding or if you are in a relationship. 

Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd 

This song makes whomever listening to it think-think about the person you lost, the person you never met. I never met my grandmother, she died one month before I was born. I lost my grandfather also when I was 13. He died at the hospital. So this song does deeper than just words mixed with musical instruments. Yet it does make me feel good because I know my grandparents are watching me where ever they may be. 

Same Love Macklemore & Ryan Lewis 

The first song for gay marriage, and one of the greatest songs I have ever heard. When I first hear this song I cried, such a beautiful song. This song maybe focused on gay marriage, but it’s bigger message is focused on human rights, people have every right to be with whomever makes them happy. 

What are songs that make you think, smile, cry, laugh, live? 


Famous People Who Died Way Too Young

Life is a cycle.

We’re born, we live, we die. If I ask a large amount of people, “what do you want out of your life?” Most of them would say, to live a happy, healthy, long life-yet there has been occurrences were well-known individuals passed away at young ages. Their deaths were the cause of drug usage, mobile crashes, crimes, and health issues. However, let’s celebrate their careers and what was once their lives.

10. Micheal Jackson, Drug Overdose/Homicide

He was the “King of Pop.” Originally, he was a part of the Jackson Five, but then when he separated and started singing on his own everyone loved his music.Thriller (1984) was his highest grossing album. He continued to write and perform live until his death on July 25, 2009. Jackson was pronounced dead in his California home. At first, the cause was an overdose, but then Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray was arrested and accused of murdering Jackson the cause was changed to homicide.–massive-overdose-using-stash-What-really-happened-night-Jackson-died-Dr-Conrad-Murray-doctor-jailed-death-King-Pop.html Nevertheless, the late, but great Micheal Jackson was 50 when he passed away. 

9. Princess Diana of Wales, Car Crash

Diana Spencer was her madden name. She was granted the title of Princess Diana of Wales when she met and married Prince Charles, one of the most recognizable men in royalty. She helped many people around the world with her charities, fundraisers, and kind-heart personality. She was in Paris when she died, her driver was trying to get away from photographers when the car lost control and crashed. She was 36. 

8. Elvis Presley, Drug Overdose

He was the king of Rock n’ Roll. Grow up in Memphis, Tennessee where he started playing musical instruments and singing to Gospel and pop music. His singing career took off when Sun Records labels signed him in 1955. His first song was Hound dog. Everything was going smoothly until he started experimenting with all types of drugs. On August 16, 1977 Elvis Presley was pronounced dead, he was 42. 

This year will mark 60 years of entertainment Elvis started. 

7. John Belushi, Drug Overdoes

One of the first performers on Saturday Night Live. He also stared in the very funny Animal House (1978), and The Blues Brothers (1980). However, the joke was over when he passed away from drug usage in 1982.

6. Amy Winehouse, Drug Overdouse

Even though she had a bad reputation for being a drunk and a druggie, she won five Grammy Awards. Her most famous songs were Rehab and Back to Black. She died at 27 from an overdose of drugs.

5. James Dean, Car Crash

The old-fashion bad boy. James Dean was Hollywood’s “hot guy”  during the 1950s. He acted in TV series like General Electric Theater (1954) and he acted on the big screen, one of his most famous performances in film was Rebel Without A Cause (1955). Unfortunately, that was the same year he crashed his car and died, he was 24-years-old.

4. Kurt Cobain, Suicide

He created one of the best grunge bands in all of music history, Nirvana. His songs Smells Like Teen Spirit (1991) and Come As You Are (1991) where hug hits off their Nevermind album. However, on April 5, 1994, Kurt Cobain shot himself. He was doing through a time of becoming anti-social and it was too late to get him help. He was 27. 

3. Freddie Mercury, AIDS

The lead vocalist in the highly popular band known as Queen. He brought new and strong energy to the stage when he performed. Some of Queen’s famous songs are: I want to break free (1984) and Bohemian Rhapsody (1975). Freddie Mercury died from AIDS in 1991. He was 45. 


2. Selena, Homicide

She was given the top best Latino-American Singer award in the ’90s. He most known and most popular song is Dreaming of You (1995). At a Days Inn, in 1995 she encountered Yolanda Saldivar, the manager of Corpus Christi Selena boutique and a fan of Selena. Saldivar and Selena went back and fourth in an argument until Saldivar opened fire and shot and later killed Selena. She was only 23. 

1. Heather O’Rourke, Bowl Obstruction (Sudden Death)

She was the youngest child star to die. She was discovered by filmmaker Stephen Spielberg, and hired to be the little girl who said, “Their here,” in the horror movie The Poltergeist  (1982). Her death was a shock to everyone. She died abruptly due to Bowl Obstruction, which is also known as sudden death. She was 12-years-old.  


Mistakes vs. Regrets

People don’t like making mistakes. People don’t like feeling regretful. Nevertheless, every person whom is living today or whom had lived made mistakes-it’s human nature, it’s life. Yet, we still feel horrible when we mess up. I think we get timid, embarrassed, or we feel uncomfortable when we mess up in front of a group. 

However, which reaction is more devastating: making mistakes or regretting something?

  • Mistakes can be fixed  

When a mistake is made, the person who created it feels upset or uneasy at first. Then he/she has two options: fix the mistake, don’t beat yourself up about messing up, and  finally learn from it, or make believe it don’t exist and leave the mistake in your work. The second option has a higher risk of getting fired.

Yes in some cases mistakes can cost people their careers, but I believe that everyone has the will power to learn from their mistakes. As an up-incoming writer/journalist I have made plenty of mistakes. I started out not knowing how to write an article, I got rejected from job offerings, and even internships didn’t hire me after my time as an intern was over. However, I learned what I needed to improve on, and what I need to work on in order to become a professional journalist. 

  • Regrets take time to heel 

Regrets are more difficult to fix. Let’s say a person breaks off their relationship, engagement, or marriage. The person who received this news is of course heart broken, but they manage to move on and find someone else to treats them better. Now the person who called it quits has regrets. It takes time to put the pieces of one’s life puzzle back together again.

However, some regrets are worth laughing about. After laughing run back to the tattoo parlor and get the misspelled word removed ASAP.

Mistakes and regrets are both embarrassing to commit. Arguably, regrets are harder to forget, but if one is in a position where they made a mistake or regretted to do or say something, take time to ask yourself these questions: can I fix this, how bad is this mistake, what can I do to make it up to my friends or family? After saying these questions, take act. After that, laugh it off. 

Top 10 Mortality Statistics

So there’s been a lot of plane crashes and explosions in the past few weeks. Hearing all of these tragic events made myself and I guess most of the human population afraid of flying. However, planes are still the safest way of transportation. The chances of being in a plane crash is the same as being struck by lightening, seven times.

Here are types of  transportation, animals, objects, and weather that is more deadly than planes.

10. Shark Attacks 

ocean animated GIF

We’ve seen Jaws, Shark Week is coming soon, and the beloved Sharknado, but the statistic of being gobbled up in a shark is slim. Around 200 million people visit U.S. beaches each year, but out of that number only 36 people are attacked.

9. Microwaves 

None animated GIF

Microwave ovens work upon radiation waves. Although the death level is low with microwaves some people have gotten burned from hot food.

8. Animal Attacks 

dogs animated GIF

Deer have injured and even killed car drivers. There are 1.5 million car accidents involving deer. The about of humans killed during an animal interference when driving a car is 150.

7. Elevators 

dance animated GIF

How many movie scenes have people stuck in an elevator, a lot. Yet, the actual statistic is not that high. people ride elevators 18 billion times a year in the U.S. The death result is 27 deaths on average annually.

6. Lightening 

sky animated GIF

You know the saying, “You’ll have better luck being struck by lightening, then winning the lottery.” Well is it true, Eighty percent of lightening strikes are generated within clouds. There’s a 20 percent chance a person could get struck after lightening strikes the ground from the sky.

5. Choking 

mad animated GIF

Unfortunately, more children than adults for this death statistic. In the year 2000 160 children age 14 and younger died from obstruction due to inhaling foreign objects. At least one child dies from a choking event every five days.

4. Drowning 

hoppip animated GIF

Drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injuries and deaths between children ages one to 14.

3. Car Crashes 

cars animated GIF

We get in them every day, yet still they are more deadly than shark attacks, planes crashes, and lightening strikes, there cars. There are 20-50 injuries involving car crashes, and 1.3 million people die in car crashes every year, which makes the average deaths a day over 3,000.

2. Gun Shots 

girls animated GIF

I personally do not own a gun, and I do not think that guns are the reason why there has been so much violence involving guns, it’s more to do with the person’s well-being. However, a gun is a lethal, fatal weapon no matter how is holding it. In the years 2011-2012 there were about 34 percent of deaths relating to gun usage.  That is about 11,000 deaths in one year.

1. Alcohol 

alcohol animated GIF

We drink it at parties, at home, and for those depressed moments at work. Alcohol is a soothing drug that can be beneficial to our health, but when we overdo the drug it can be deadly. Roughly, 88,000 people died from alcohol poisoning annually. 



My Thoughts on Sports

Now that that World Cup is over, and Germany won, it’s time to talk about what a sport is.

A sport according to the online website is an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature. Sports require knowledge, endurance, speed, and the most important victory and defeat.

Victory and defeat, in other words one team will win and the other will not. That’s the way sports are, that’s the world we live in.

I was told to always give my all at everything, sports and beyond. However, my parents also told me that some times giving my all is not enough, some times people are better than you.

What’s wrong with saying that – “Some times people are better than you.” That’s not ruining anyone’s life,

that’s the definition of life.

Just think what the country and world would be like  if everyone was a winner. If the New York Rangers got a Stanley Cup, or if the race horse California Chrome received the Triple Crown even though he didn’t win at Belmont’s raceway, or if all of the countries’ players in the World Cup got a trophy, yeah it would be a happier place with no horrible losing memes, but there would be no competition.

While I was watching the World Cup (especially the Brazil vs. Germany game) the sports commentators were rooting for Brazil so much that they hardly spoke about Germany’s past and skills.

Yes Brazil got their asses beat by Germany,and it was the worst lose Latin American has seen, but life does go on. Well if you’re a Brazilian or one of their Football players maybe you want to end your life, but are you really going to?

Probably not

My point is there’s always going to be a winner and there is always going to be a loser in sports. The commentators made such a huge deal predicting who will win, and this happens all the time. People bet on their team and say that they will win, and if they do than they are lucky, if not they lose x amount of money and get upset that their team lost.

I get it, and there’s no problem with betting on your team. The problem happens after the game when their team loses. Here’s my solution, have an understanding of the odds that surround your team. Either they are a good enough team to win or the other team has a better advantage. Also know your limits on how much money you are giving in.

Another solution, stop predicting. Leave it to your imagination, the thrill, the suspense.

People attended the Belmont horse race to see history. I personally didn’t see the race, but I heard about that happened and what the owner said afterward. If I was there I would not what commentator telling me how they think the race will fall into place. I want to feel the thrills and excitement from not knowing what will happen.

And then there’s the owner. The horse’s owner, Steve Coburn, got upset that his horse didn’t win the race and gave excuses to why he was upset. 

first he blamed the other horses who didn’t run in the previous two races, the Kentucky Derby and Maryland’s Preakness. He said basically that it was not fare that his horse had to run two races while all the other horses only ran this race. I believe that has been a rule for many years in horse racing. Then he said that his horse didn’t have the endurance to run the mile and a half. Something I didn’t know either, the Kentucky and Preakness are both shorter race tracks. The Belmont Raceway is a longer I guess more “harder” track to complete. However, the track didn’t grow an extra half mile the night before the race. Coburn should have known to train his horse to go the distance. Maybe that would have made the difference between not winning and receiving the Triple Crown trophy.

All of this comes down to one thing, don’t get upset over losing. It’s a part of life. What’s not a part of life is acting like sore loser for all of the nation and the world to see.

Beaches I’ve Been To

This Saturday, June 21 marks  the official day of summer. During the summer families and  friends take off from work and school to go on vacation to a tropical and sunny destination. The proximity of these beaches differ, there are some located 30-45 minutes away, and others are located across the global. These places’ prices range from cheap, to moderate, to expensive; however, from my experience I can feel you the price is worth paying.

6.  Jones Beach Park, Long Island, New York

Located in Long Island, New York, it’s a great destination for a weekend getaway. Parking a $10 for cars, and the quality of their food is good with the price being reasonable. The parking lots vary. Parking lot No. 6 is the closest lot to the beach, where parking lot No.4 beach goers have to walk under a tunnel to get the to beach.

One last thing to remember when going to Jones Beach, get there early.

5. The Jersey Shores, New Jersey

In my past, I’ve gone down to the Jersey Shore every year, when I was a kid. My grandparents had a house close to Bradley Beach. Unfortunately, when my grandfather passed away we had to sell the summer house. However, I still go to Jersey’s beaches every so often with my family.

4. Ocean City, Maryland

When I was five, my parents and then baby brother went to a magical place called Ocean City Maryland. Between the mid ’90s when my family and I vacationed there and early 2000s, this was our summer destination. I recently went down again last year. It’s quite a drive thou; from New York it’s a 5 hours down without stopping. The Hotels are pricey, but it’s a great place for couples and families with children.

3. Miami Beach, Florida

On my first cruise, my family and our family friends went to Miami and the British Islands. Miami was a great summer destination for everyone. It was a pricey trip, but it’s well worth traveling to.

2. The Bahamas, Nassau

My Thoughts On The Mental Health System

The media and films portray them as crazies, killers, outcasts. A survey from the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) found that 20 percent of American adults are live with a mental illness. However, out of all the 45.9 million people with a mental illness only 39 percent have gotten treatment.

So who’s to blame now?

  • Why does society think that people with mental health issues are all bad? I beg to differ, I think that individuals who suffer from mental illnesses are shunned away from the right treatment, they are either given too little or too much medication, and they put inside institutions that don’t help them at all; often these places make the illnesses worse.
  • The mental health system in this country is broken. In the 60 Minutes video on young adults with mental health Scott Pelley speaks with a father named Creigh Deeds who lost his son to mental health issues, and almost his life. Deeds said “I really don’t want Gus [his son] to be defined by his illness, I don’t want Gus to be defined by what happened on the night of the 19th. Gus was a great kid.” Deeds goes one to say, “If he could be hospitalized that night, they could have gotten him medicated…”
  • After the ’60s a large amount of mental institutions closed down. However, people weren’t getting the right treatment at home. This left only one option to go to, the emergency room.

This had to be the second worse thing that could happen to people who struggle with mental illnesses. The first was pre-mental institutions aka insane asylums. Emergency rooms are for people who are dying, for people who have serious injuries, for people who had strokes and heart attacks, etc. Yes, these are all serious issues just like mental illness, but mental ill people need rehabilitation and counseling. Emergency rooms are too noise and small and dull, these people need open rooms, pace and quiet, music, civil conversations, etc.

  • And now how not to report on mental illness. The reporter starts by say that the shooter was, “Just a boy wearing a school uniform…” This type of reporting is called “It could happen to you,” meaning a boy in your town, in your school could start a mass shooting for no reason. Now am I saying this is a botched news report not really, but the reporter is focusing on fear. Fear that you will start to believe something like this will happen in your town or school.

But they never discuss what can be done to stop mass shootings in school.

Since the Newton shooting in sandy Hook Elementary there has been 30 more school shootings. there has been some gun laws that did pass allowing stricter gun control rules, and most Americans want to see new gun laws being acted upon.

Nevertheless, a figure pulls the trigger. All these laws about gun control and safety measures are great, but what about the owners?

  • What we should be doing is not allowing everyone a gun, but allowing background checks on people who have criminal records, people who have anger issues, people who are alcoholics, and for the public also. For the public, because there are people who look, talk, and act just like you and me, but something might have struck them in a negative way, and the next thing you know they snap and shoot up schools or private places.
  • We need to stop asking the questions “why did this happen?” “What made this innocent person do such a thing?” Stop it! We all know the answer he or she was depressed; they weren’t on their medication; they were never given the right treatment; they were anti social, etc. By saying why and how could this person do such a thing you’re basically defending the shooter.

If you want to know why shootings at schools or malls, or anywhere go see what goes on in hospitals, in institutions, in their own homes. Then come back and tell me if it’s mentally ill people who are crazy or if it’s society that makes them snap.

I hope a law gets passed that allows people who suffer from mental health to finally get the treatment they need.

My Thoughts on Women

Before I started my Journalism career, I never fully understood what the word feminism meant. After reading a great novel called Bias by Bernard Goldberg, and hearing about successful women being fired for asking for a raise, teenage girls being thrown out of their prom because of what they are wearing i.e. pants, and finally all the talk about Hilary Clinton becoming a grandmother.  Also on the subject of how she will not have time to focus on the presidential campaign.

Do you think any of these stories would’ve happened to men?

Disclaimer: I looked up the word feminism and the Merriam-Webster definition states, “The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.” There weren’t any words or adjectives such as: bra-burners, men-haters, lesbians, etc. This is what the media describes and defines Feminist. Now I thought this way about Feminist until I read Bias. You can call me a Feminist, and I will be absolutely find with that description, however I am not a bra-burner, or a man-hater, or a lesbian.

Now let me tell you about what happened during the last year, month, and week regarding women and teenage girls.

  • The 2012 Presidential Election

In a Huffington Post article dating back to March of 2012 The President of Planned Parenthood stated that she read Mitt Romney say he wanted to get rid of Planned Parenthood while traveling in Texas. Look, I know that Mitt Romney is a religious man. He has a different agenda when it comes to women’s health and religion. I am not saying he is anti women, if he was brought up on his faith that is absolutely fine. Who am I to say you can believe in your faith, or a different faith than me.

<script type=’text/javascript’ src=’′></script>

Okay, nevertheless, Romney has no right shouting down Planned Parenthood’s buildings. The issues involving pregnancy, abortion, and birth control are related to women. It doesn’t apply to you.

  • War on abortion 

Another women’s issue that men have argued about is abortion. In a recent USA Today article focuses on abortion clinics shouting down in parts of Texas. In the article is states, “…The number of clinics in the Rio Grande Valley that preformed the services has dropped from two to zero, forcing women to drive more than 300 miles roundtrip to other states for services, or attempt riskier procedures across the board.”

Texas is a “red state.” This means that there are more Republicans than Democrats in this state. However, Texas isn’t the only Republican state to start shouting down or not allowing women to receive an abortion. More Republican states have started to follow Texas and even go beyond Texas’ abortion laws.

You might be thinking why a woman would want to get an abortion in Republican states if they don’t allow it? Well, there are pregnancies that are not always planned. Maybe some of these women are young teenagers who never got the right lessons or teachings on safe-sex in health class. Let’s keep it real, when teaching safe-sex to teenagers in high school teachers will say condoms never work, you will get STIs or AIDS, you will die, etc. No wonder teenage girls have predicted pregnancies.

Furthermore, sometimes sex is not consensual. And when I say not consensual, I mean rape. Do you really think that any women or family would want to birth a child from a rape attack?

  • Rape goes unpunished

There’s been a lot of take about sexual assaults taking place in colleges across the nation. However, after the protests, the walks, and rape awareness events the universities and colleges’ representatives either don’t get involved, or do as little as possible so that the school doesn’t have a bad reputation. But these actions are only making the colleges and universities look even worse.


Now a lot of times on the news and media women are the victims of rape, but men can and sometimes are victims of rape as well. What happened in the Jerry Sandusky sexual assault trail at Penn State was absolutely horrible. When Sandusky was a coach teaching football at Penn State, he also taught young boys how to play. One boy now a grown man said when I was 12 Sandusky sexually assaulted me in the boys’ locker room. He very told anyone about this until 2007 when the Penn State scandal broke-out. What happen to that boy, now a man was terrible. The college was trying to cover it up, like all big-time universities.

People don’t talk about rape often. It’s emotional, it’s traumatizing, and it’s one of the worse actions that could ever happen in someone’s life. But there needs to be a stop to this. So how are people going to change and stop sexual violence acts when on one comes fourth as a victim, as a supporter for stopping sexual violence, as a friend.

  • Women hate women

A teenager got ready for her prom. She like a whole bunch of other girls her age was looking forward to prom night. She never got to dance because she was wearing pants. Another girl wore a dress, she went to her prom, but there were adult men looking at her while she celebrated. She was asked to leave by a female chaperon.

So one girl wasn’t allowed to go to her prom because of her outfit, and the other girl was thrown out of her prom because there were men (parents to be exact) looking at her.











The picture of the girl’s dress on the right was taken to show that her dress is longer than her fingers. This test at the school is called “the finger test.” I’ll let that sink in for a moment. The girl in the picture on the left is dressed different than girls at the prom, but it’s her choice to wear this outfit.

I don’t agree that there is a “war on women.” I think that women and men do have equal rights. I think that those rights for women are at times pulled away do to the state they live in, do to the faith they were brought up in, and do to the people with power. 



Top 5 Historic Women

I want to wish all the mothers a Happy Mother’s Day! This post is for mothers, women, and for young women & ladies who are going to become strong, independent women in the future.

10. Helen Keller 



Born blind and deaf in 1880, Keller had many obstacles to surpass in her life-time. However, she did get help from a teacher named Anne Sullivan who taught her how to read braille and how to sign. If it wasn’t for Sullivan, another brilliant women, Keller would have never gotten educated, achieve college, and start her own foundation the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).


9. Barbara Jordan 



Was the first African American to be elected into the Texas Senate in 1966. During this time the Civil Rights Movement was active in the southern region of the nation. She was also the first ever women to be elected into Texas’ Senate. She went on to become a lawyer and an educator

8. Anne Frank


She wrote in her now famous diary about her life in hiding during World War II and when the Nazis invaded Amsterdam. She was a teenager hiding with seven other people, and after 2 years Frank and the other seven people were discovered and brought to the concentration camps.

7. Betsy Ross



The women who made the American flag. After we defeated the British, George Washington asked Ross to design a flag for our new nation. The flag was complete between 1776-1777.

6. Rosa Parks                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

A Civil Rights Leader who changed history by sitting on a bus. She was arrested for sitting in the front of the bus on 1955 in Alabama. Back then African American residents who lived in the south could only sit in the back of the bus, while white residents sat in the front. She was later rewarded for her bravery and act of freedom.

5. Susan B. Anthony 



The force behind the women’s suffrage movement. She devoted her whole life to women’s equality. She was a women’s activist, and equal rights advocate.





4. Elizabeth Blackwell 

The first American women to attend college and earn a degree. She was first rejected from college because of her sex, but later founded a college for women in the medical field.

3. Joan of Arc

A national hero. She was involved in the English invasion of France in the Hundred Year War. She thought it was her duty to defeat the English and take back her country. She dressed as a man, cut her hair, and went into battle. She was later burned to the stake because of her beliefs.

2. Oprah Winfrey 

An actress and former host of the Oprah Winfrey Show. She is the wealthiest African American woman in America. Her success didn’t develop over night, like most people’s achievements she had to work had for fame and fortune.

1. Mother Teresa

Was a Roman Catholic Sister who spent most of her life in India. Because of her prays and good-doing she was declared a saint.

Facts About INROADS

As the spring semester comes to an end, most college grads will be out applying to jobs. For undergraduates and maybe even graduates getting an internship means they are a step forward in earning a spot in their career of choice. However, finding the right internship is not always easy. That’s where INROADS steps in.

Fact: INROADS is the nation’s largest nonprofit guide toward paid internships for college students. It is also one of the most prestigious in New York City. 

Fact: It was created to help build more diversity to the corporate area of this country. It followed the “I have a dream” speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Fact: Isaac Rodriguez, President of Provident Loan, started at INROADS as an intern. He learned how to create a well-written resume, how to answer the hard questions in an interview, and how to dress to be successful in the work place. 

Fact: INROADS seeks high-performing students who desire working for the nation’s largest companies. 

Fact: There career development training process is challenging, but INROADS wants student to be committed to their work. This is all for the student to raise the bar for their personal expectations. 

Rodriguez in his five tips for success says, “LinkedIn is one of the first items every college student should create for their job search.”

“It’s hard to get on the radar for employment when you are one out of hundred who applied.Students should reach out to employees in their desired position.”

“When in an interview ask when the employer will get back to you about the next interview date or when they will make a hire.”

“When it comes to resumes, make sure it is clean, clear, and concise. Proofread your resume or have a friend proofread your resume.”

“Before going on a job interview or applying to an internship it is important to find out as much as you can about the employer.”

To apply for a summer internship go to .