Holiday Commercials with Strong Messages

 Stores are getting ready for the biggest shopping season of the year, children are sit on Santa’s lap begging for a new toy, and people are stressing over what to get their friends and families. Christmas has become a materialist holiday season rather than a joyful, grateful, blessed season. 

However, there are some commercials new and old that still believe in the spirit of giving. These commercials made me feel warm and fuzzy inside and I hope they have the same effect on you. 

  • The Folger’s Coffee Commercials

This commercial is an old coffee commercial, but the message around it is timeless. A man speads his Christmas with his family. Everyone can relate to this commercial

  • The Coca Cola/Polar Bear Commercial

In this commercial polar bears and penguins accidentally meet. The baby polar bear and baby penguin become friends which leads to all of the animals to become friends. This commercial’s message is to open you heart and mind to everyone. Whether they are young or old, have different skin colors, or complete strangers, everyone should get along during the holidays and year round. 

  • John Lewis Commercials

John Lewis is a chain upmarket department store in Great Britain. 

The snowman goes on a journey to get his love a snow woman gloves and a hat.

I truly loved this commercial John Lewis & Co. designed. I thought the little boy was waiting for Christmas so he could open his presents, but he was waiting to give his parents a gift after all. 

  • Kohl’s Commercial

This is hands down the sweetest/heart melting commercial I have ever seen. Helping the elderly is often missed in holiday shopping. Nevertheless, Kohl’s brought it back with such a beautiful commercial and a beautiful message: Help those who have trouble or cannot help themselves.  

I want to wish all of you a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season


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